Zakkerz – How to Easily “Hem” Your Pants!

Tip of the Week – Fashion Problem Solver!

Does it bother you when you choose a hem length for a new pair of pants that commits you to wearing those pants with just heels or just flats?  In the past, I’ve resigned myself to dedicating some pants to be worn with flats and other with heels, until I found this new clever fashion aid “Zakkerz!”

This crazy name refers to a set of four magnetic straps that allow you to fold pants at the cuff and secure them, creating a temporary hem that takes you from heels to flats and will hold until you want to switch back again!  In addition to offering an easy transition for pant lengths, these handy strips also allow women to raise hem lines quickly for a change from heels to sneakers for a lunch hour walk or to avoid dragging your pants through puddles!

You can find this “temporary pant roll up wrap” at  The set of four retails for $24!  I hope that you are as enthused about this problem solver as I am!

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