What’s for Dinner?

dinnerplate1.jpgTip of the Week – An Answer to the question “What’s for Dinner?”

Whenever I’m with friends, the topic is inevitably raised – what are you making for dinner?  We’re all willing to cook and anxious to make meals that will appeal to our families, but just what to make is the stumbling block!  A couple of years ago when my children finally outgrew the chicken nugget stage, I knew that I needed to find some family friendly recipes. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Martha Stewart’s monthly magazine, Everyday Food, Rachel Ray’s magazine and a recipe book that’s sold in my market’s check out aisle called “America’s Test Kitchen:  Fast and Fresh.”And so, I thought that it was time to add a new feature to Busy Bee Lifestyle – an ongoing series of dinner recipes that have survived my own “test kitchen” and the loudly voiced opinions of three kids and a husband!  I can’t promise you that my seven year old loved every one of these recipes, but the rest of the family was happy and I hope your family will be as well!

Here’s to happy faces around dinner tables everywhere!

To get started, you might like to try:

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