How to Clean Out Your Closet

Wardrobe D Day:  5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

No need to wait for Spring Cleaning, January tis the Season for Cleanin’!

Best start to a new year: a clean closet.  Here at Busy Bee we’ll have your
closet ship shape for the low low cost of free if you follow these simple
nonnegotiable rules:

If You Haven’t Worn it in a Year, Toss it!

If you haven’t worn it in a year: toss it.  Nope.  Zip it!  Don’t want to
hear it.  If you haven’t worn it in a year, no matter the reason, toss it (or
donate it: Salvation Army.  Collecting dust is a national pastime for most unworn garments and accessories.  The twelve month mark means its pink slip time peeps.

Ripped, Yellowed, Pilled, Oh My

Ripped, yellowed, pilled, oh my.   Garments missing zippers, sporting a
hole or are the soup du jour for les moths may not be worthy of donation,
but cotton can be recycled as cleaning rags or more (Green Cleaning:  37 Uses for Old Clothes), wool and synthetics are most likely worthy of the trash.  Same goes for seriously scuffed shoes, broken heels, outdated bags, and belts that are too short, too tight and anything too beaten up.

If it’s Not Flattering, Don’t Wear it, Consign it

If it’s not flattering don’t wear it, consign it.  Just because it looked good on the rack, or looked good on the runway, doesn’t mean every garment flatters every silhouette.  It is ok, more than ok, to admire something from afar and to admit we are not all Kate Moss.  If it accentuates what it shouldn’t, drop it at your nearest consignment shop, stat.

A Surplus of Suits and Special Occasion?

A surplus of suits and special occasion?  There are charities a plenty for women reentering the work force (Dress for Success) and teenagers in need of a prom dress (Princess Project).  Keep your receipts as you’ll need them come April 15th, but donating like-new suits and dressy attire are always en vogue.

Organize It

Organize it.  If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.  A neatly arranged closet lends more wardrobe functionality and more outfit options.  Have jewelry displayed  (Esculonsays, belts visible, clothing by color, and bags by size (KANGAROOM Storage).

Go forth our fine friends.  Be victorious.  And when you surface from your self imposed war zone, post a comment back here telling us how invaluable we are.  A little flattering goes a long way for those of us that fish for compliments!

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