Valentine’s Party for Kids

valentine's day party for kidsTreat your Kids to the Sweetest Valentine’s Day Party!

A Planning Guide for the Perfect Candy Themed Celebration!

February is a great time of year to add a bit of warmth to those cold winter days and a Valentine’s Day party for your kids might be perfect to do just that.  Whenever I think about Valentine’s Day, I inevitably end up picturing candy – candy of all sorts!  From conversation hearts to chocolate truffles to red hots, it’s the candy that makes the holiday for me!  Not only are the Valentine treats delicious, they also make a wonderful party theme that kids and adults will love!

Valentines Party Invitations

Conversation Heart Inspired – One of my favorite ways to invite Valentine guests is to attach a card, printed with the party details, to a box of conversation hearts!

Red Hots Inspired – Another DIY idea involving candy is to glue red hots in the shape of a heart onto a card, with the invitation inside.  Attach a box of red hots to this invitation as well.

Personalized Candy Hearts

Valentine's Day Conversation Heart invitation

Adorable personalized invitations are also available if crafting is not for you!  From Zazzle, these Valentine’s Day Party Invitations feature photographed candy hearts with room for personalization.  (Zazzle, Candy Heart Invitation, on sale for $1.50)

Heart Lollipop Invitation

Heart Lollipops – And if you’re ready for an “over the top” candy invitation, you just have to consider the die cut version from Fine Stationery!  This unique card is a heart shaped red and white lollipop, on a stick, sprinkled with glitter and wrapped in cellophane with ribbon ties! (Fine Stationery, Heart Lollipop Invitation, 10 for $65.00)

Valentines Party Decorations

Of course, candy will take center stage at this party!  Here are some different ways to incorporate candy into your tablescape!

Candy Heart Helium Balloons

Valentine's Conversation heart balloons

Balloons always add a festive touch and these are perfectly thematic!  (Oriental Trading, Latex Conversation Heart Balloons, on sale for $21.50 for 144pcs)

A Candy Buffet – this idea will not only be decorative but will also provide a delicious party favor!  Fill a variety of differently sized glass containers with all of the Valentine candy favorites:  candy hearts, red licorice in a tall, thin container, lollipops, pink and red jelly beans and more!  At the end of the party, let each guest fill a cellophane bag with their favorite treats!

Candy Flower Pots

Valentine's Day Centerpieces

This idea came from Dylan Lauren, the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City!  Using white ceramic pots, she filled each container with jelly beans, red hots and rock candy and then “planted” large and small lollipops in each pot.  (Every Day With Rachael Ray, Candy Flower Pots Centerpiece – pictured)

Paper Goods

Valentine’s Cupcake Themed

Valentine's Day Cupcake Plates

Another cute option from Plates and Napkins sports my favorite motif – a cupcake – decorated for Valentine’s Day and surrounded with a heart border!  Plates, cups and napkins are available.  (Plates and NapkinsValentines Day Cupcake Paper Goods, on sale for $5.95 for set of 8)

Not Paper Goods!

Valentine's Dishes

If you prefer dishes that can be used again and again, Kohl’s has a variety of cupcake themed serving ware, including platters, cupcake appetizer plates and adorable set of stacking bowls. (Kohls, Cupcake Themed Serving Ware, various prices)

Valentines Party Activities


  • Candy Heart Charades – fill a bowl with candy hearts and take turns acting out the message on the candy!
  • Candy Heart Treasure Hunt– hide candy hearts around the house, give each guest a small bag and vie to see who can find the most hearts!  Have a prize for the winner!
  • Find Your Heart Mate – cut out one red, paper heart for every two guests at the party.  With scissors, cut each paper heart in half in a variety of patterns and angles.  Give one half to each guest and play fun music while each one finds the “other half.”

Valentines Party Crafts

Here are some crafts with two levels of difficulty:

Super Easy Crafts

Conversation Heart Beads

Conversation Foam Heart Beads

Set out bowls of foam conversation hearts and varying lengths of cord and let the kids go to town making bracelets and necklaces!  (Oriental Trading, Foam Conversation Heart Beads, 500 for $6.00)

Valentine Sticker Scenes

Valentine's Sticker Village

Purchase Design Your Own Giant Valentine Village Sticker Scenes!  This set includes a background with a sweet village just waiting to be decorated with all sorts of candy stickers! (Oriental Trading, Valentine’s Sticker Village, on sale for $10.00)

Slightly More Challenging Crafts

Valentine Candy Magnet Craft Kit

Valentine's Day Magnet Crafft

This set includes three different magnet designs including an ice cream cone, gum ball machine and a milk shake!  (Oriental Trading, Valentine Treat Candy Magnet Craft Kit, on sale for $4.50)

Sweetheart Candy Wreaths

For this cute craft you’ll need:  a Styrofoam wreath (you can select the size), ribbon, candy conversation hearts and glue.  Wrap the Styrofoam wreath with ribbon, securing each end with glue. Glue the candy hearts in overlapping layers around the wreath.  Let dry and add a ribbon hanger.  (Better Homes and Gardens, Sweetheart Candy Wreaths and see Create for Less for styrofoam wreaths.)


When it comes to the party menu, it’s always best to consult with your own child first!

  • Heart Shaped Pizza – If it’s pizza that’s demanded, go ahead and cut it into heart shapes!
  • Pasta with Red or Pink Sauce – If pasta fits the bill, red or pink sauce will turn it into a terrific Valentine’s dinner!
  • Heart Shaped Sandwiches – Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to turn any type of sandwich into a sweet snack!
  • More Fun Ideas – For some additional ideas, take a look at Valentine Treats for School!

Valentines Day Party Favors

Party Favors for Girls

If you create craft projects during the party, the finished products can easily be your party favor, as well as gift bags filled from a candy buffet.  Some other cute favors that suit this sweet theme include:

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Cupcake Bath Bomb

(Amazon, Cupcake Bath Bomb, on sale for $5.99)

 Candy Lip Gloss

Cupcake Lip Gloss(Amazon, Cupcake Lip Gloss, on sale for $12.00)

I Love Candy Bangle

I Love Candy Bangle(Dylans Candy Bar, I Love Candy Bangle, on sale for $5.00)

Party Favors for Boys

I know that the favors mentioned above are totally for girls, and so if you are inviting some young gentlemen to your Valentine soiree, just plan to send them home with all sorts of candy!

Wrap Up

When the “sweetest” celebration is over, clean up a bit and then send your children to bed!  Pour a glass of champagne for you and your sweetheart and toast to romance at any age!

* It’s serendipity when the products we love are from a sponsor we love!

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