Valentine’s Day Treats for School Parties!

Valentine’s Day Treats for School Parties!

Coming up with new ideas for class party snacks is tough!  As parents, we all want to bring in something fun and creative, but sometimes the trickiest treats are too much work or aren’t enjoyed by the kids.

Another challenge that parents might face is a school district enforcing the policy that “sugar” cannot be the first ingredient in a class room snack!  So, with all of this in mind, here are some suggestions that might put you at the head of the class!

Pink Heart Shaped Bagels

My local bagel shop makes these every February!  Make sure that you pre-order these special bagels and request that they are pre-cut.  Serve with butter and cream cheese.

Red Jello

Don’t overlook this old favorite!  You can make the traditional version or sugar free and if time is short, purchase Jello that is prepackaged in snack sized containers.  Whipped cream optional!

Heart Shaped Cupcakes

I saw this clever idea in an issue of Family Fun magazine.  Line your regular cupcake pans with baking papers, fill half way with batter and then (here’s the tricky part!) insert a 1/2” ball of aluminum foil between the liner and the side of the pan.  While the cupcakes are baking, the foil ball will push the side of the cupcake into a heart shape!  You can also try this trick with muffin batter for a healthier snack.

Valentine Cupcake Wrappers

Pick up some cute (Amazon, Cupcake Wrappers, on sale 12 for $20.48)


Retro Valentine Cupcake Picks

Vintage Inspired Valentine Picks from Cupcake Swirl for the perfect finishing touch! (Cupcake Swirl, Vintage Picks, on sale for $10.00)

Other Heart Shaped and Fun Valentine’s Treat Ideas

Valentine Stick Cookies

With a cookie cutter or kitchen scissors, you can turn many fun foods into Valentine hearts!  Consider brownies, rice krispie treats, pizza, sugar cookies, sandwiches, and more!   To make the cute Valentines on a Stick, see

I hope that these ideas give you a quick and easy solution to the class room snack dilemma!  If you’ve come up with a great idea for a Valentine’s Day treat for school, I’d love to hear!

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