Valentine’s Day Tips and Ideas

Valentine’s Day Round Up!

So many fun and clever ideas cross my path, that I strive to create a strong thread that binds each article into a cohesive whole before I share them with the Busy Bee community!  But, on this occasion, I’m taking the “hodgepodge” route and sharing Valentine’s Day bits and pieces regardless of how they relate to each other!

Red Goes “Green”

Make sure that you take a look at the newest phrases on Necco’s Conversation Hearts – many focus on the weather and the environment!  “Chill Out,” ” Melt My Heart” and “Cloud Nine” are just a few! (see Reader’s Digest for a history of sayings)

Be Mine Bargains

Don’t overlook those Christmas close out shelves!  Red Christmas ribbon works perfectly well for Valentine’s Day and kits to build gingerbread houses can also be constructed with Valentine candy for decoration!  Candy mixes that originally included red, green and white can be transformed into a fun Valentine treat by removing the green candies at a less than minimal cost!

Candy Hits the Gold Standard

Valentine's Be Mine Necklace


The simple candy heart receives a “sterling” upgrade!  This lovely sterling silver bracelet features a unique open link chain and a conversation heart charm that can be personalized with your own message!  “Be Mine” is an easy suggestion, but you could get so creative with this gift!  Since each charm is individually crafted, so allow two weeks for delivery! (Couture Candy, Candy Heart Charm Bracelet, on sale for $156)

Valentines for Classroom Exchanges Which Forgo Those Ever Present TV and Movie Characters!

If you’d like to offer your children some fun Valentine choices while avoiding those copyrighted characters, Current Catalog is the source for you!  Here are a few of the styles that I thought were really fun:

  • Skateboards or Guitars that hold a stick of gum!
  • Take 5 Movie Clapboards
  • ATV Valentines
  • Fortune Cookies
  • 3-D Dinosaurs
  • High Top Sneakers with a maze

And many more fun options at terrifically reasonable prices at Current Catalog!

I hope these random thoughts add a little something to your celebration of Valentine’s Day!  Please share your sweet ideas with the Busy Bee community!

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