Valentine’s Day Cocktail Party

Host a Sweethearts’ Cocktail Party!

Host a sweethearts’ Cocktail Party for your favorite couples!  It doesn’t matter that February 14th falls on a weekday.  Look toward the weekends before and after!

Valentine’s Cocktail Party Invitations

Jeweled cosmopolitan invitation

Invitation Jane offers a stylish cocktail invitation, featuring a pink border and cosmopolitan icon with a jewel for a cherry!  (Invitation Jane, Jeweled Cosmopolitan Invitation, 30 for $65.00)

From Fine Stationery – At Fine Stationery, Chic partygoers top this cute invitation, along with the requisite cocktail glasses and wine bottle!  (Valentine Party Invitationicon*, 30 for $70)

Cupcake Cocktail Invitation

This fun invitation combines two of my favorite things – cupcakes and cocktails!  On a pretty card with a pink border, you’ll find cosmopolitans and a cupcake – the perfect pair! (Polka Dot Design, Cupcakes and Cocktails, 30 for $52.20)

Valentine’s Party Decorations

Helpful Hints: Whether you choose “tricky,” “easier,” or “easiest,” let your invitations guide your color scheme for the party.  For example, with Valentine’s Day it’s easy to go with one of two color ways – pink/white/silver or red/white/gold.  This will give your party a cohesive feeling and your choices for food, table decorations, and serveware will make sense to your guests!  They will admire the way your theme or color scheme is carried throughout your party!


  • Arrange tiny rose buds (pink or red, according to your color scheme) densely in small, clear glass vases.  Scatter the arrangements across your dinner table or buffet.   Plan to send an arrangement home with each couple as a party favor!  Try Michaels for very nice square vases at a nice price!


  • Head to your local Dollar Store for as many clear, glass votive holders as you can carry out!  Choose either red or pink votive candles, in keeping with your color scheme.  Scatter the votives in groups everywhere!


  • Do all three!

Valentine’s Party Cocktails and Drinks



  • Champagne poured into flutes and garnished with whole strawberries.


  • Serve your own favorite wines and beers.  If you like them, your guests will too!

Valentine’s Party Menu


  • Fondue bars for all courses!  Cheese, meat and chocolate!  You’ll need to borrow or buy sufficient fondue pots to accommodate your crowd.  Don’t forget bread cubes and apples for the cheese fondue, beef and chicken for the main course, and fruits, pound cake, and marshmallows for the dessert course.


  • Serve a wide assortment of hors d’oeuvres, designed to appeal to all.  Shrimp cocktail, baked brie, fresh crudites, mini crab cakes, sliced French bread and various toppings like tapenade, bruschetta, fresh mozzarella cheese, and roasted red peppers.  Also consider store bought gourmet pate, assorted cheeses, olives, and hummus.  All of these items go well with breads of all sorts like flat bread, bagel chips and bread sticks.  Take a look at our appetizer recipes.  For dessert try strawberries dipped in chocolate and heart shaped cookies.


  • Get help!  Order trays of Italian food from your favorite restaurant! Or order a spiral sliced ham your local market or butcher shop.  Dress the ham up with country biscuits, sliced swiss cheese, and a wide assortment of mustards.  For dessert fill a large clear glass trifle bowl or salad bowl with hulled and cleaned fresh strawberries and raspberries.  Serve store bought pound cake or angel food cake on the side of the fruit, along with a bowl of freshly whipped cream.

Valentine’s Party Favors


  • Burn CD’s with all of your favorite romantic songs (see Burn Your Own CDs).  Personalize your CD label with your party colors and favorite romantic sentiment.  Wrap in cellophane bags tied with coordinating ribbons.  Gather the CD’s in a basket and keep them by the front door.  This way you won’t forget to give your guests their favor as they leave!


  • Send guests home with splits of champagne.  Package in cellophane bags tied with coordinating ribbons.


Valentine's Cinversation HeartsBuy boxes of Red Hots, Hot Tamales, or Conversation Hearts (Conversation Hearts, 36 boxes for $22.99).  Package in cellophane bags tied with coordinating ribbons.  Your guests’ children will love these favors!

Valentine’s Party Hostess Gifts


xoxo Cocktail napkin holder

A Mariposa Cocktail Napkin Box from Silver Impressions.  The napkin box comes with adorable heart patterned napkins and a XOXO weight to go on top. (Silver Impressions, Mariposa Cocktail Napkin Box, $44.00)

Heart Canape Plate

A Mariposa Heart Shape Canape Plate  (Silver Impressions, Heart Shape Canape Plate, $29)

These gifts are really beautiful, but a little pricey for the average hostess gift.  Consider giving a joint gift with another couple attending the party!  Your hostess will be thrilled to receive one great gift rather than two bottles of wine!


Breakfast Grab n Go

Put together a “Morning After” gift bag or basket for your hosts.  Include waffle/pancake mix, nice maple syrup, a bottle of Bloody Mary mix, and gourmet coffee.  You can do this at your local supermarket or buy it on-line from Stonewall Kitchen.   Includes amber maple syrup, waffle/pancake mix and a silicone spatula! (Stonewall Kitchen, Pancake Breakfast Grab & goicon, pictured, $29.95)



Purchase a CD of romantic music.  Amazon has an entire section devoted to Valentine music!  Some nice choices include: “Amore” by Andrea Boccelli, “Favorite Love Songs” by Michael Crawford, “Greatest Love Songs” by Frank Sinatra, or “Michael Buble” by Michael Buble.  If these titles don’t appeal to you or your hosts, there are many more to choose from on-line.

Out of Time

  • Swing by your local grocery store and pick up some potted flowers.  Don’t bring a bouquet unless it is already in a vase – It’s asking a lot of your host to arrange flowers during a party.  Nice choices are potted red tulips or pink or red Cyclamen.

For Your Valentine’s Day Cocktail Party or Any Special Gathering

Before your guests arrive:

  • If your kids haven’t gone to a neighbors, send them to bed or upstairs with a babysitter.
  • Turn on your outside lighting and make sure your walkway is clear of ice and snow.
  • Set up coffee service with coffee, hot water, tea, tea bags, sugar, artificial sweeteners, cream, and to-go cups.
  • Have bottles of water available for departing guests.
  • Dim the lights, turn on the romantic music, and light your candles.
  • Try to sit back, relax, and enjoy your own celebration!

Do you have an idea for a Valentine’s cocktail party you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear!.

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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Cocktail Party”

  1. Libby Snickerman says:

    I love parties! I much better at attending them, than throwing them. I’ve just never liked playing hostess. I love the idea of getting the hostess a great thank you present!
    Libby Snickerman
    Fan of A Basket Case (

  2. Jessica Hope says:

    Love all these ideas!! My girlfriends and I are having a little V-Day get together of our own. One of the cocktail’s i will be serving is TY KU’s Will You Be My TY-tini?
    1.5 oz TY KU Liqueur
    1.5 oz TY KU Soju
    Squeeze of Lime
    Splash of Diet Sprite

    Hope everyone else can enjoy! They are so delicious and a lower calorie cocktail. Cheers to the single ladies

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