Fabulous Pinatas from Confetti System

Look What I Found:  Confetti System!

grownup pinata

Picture a few of the basic elements of any child’s party – piñatas (with their necessary blindfold) and decorative garland – and then imagine those basics recreated in an over the top, grown up way!  That is what you’ll find at Confetti System!  The fabulous piñatas are handcrafted from metallic foil in shapes that are sophisticated and festive!  The tassel garland is so attractive that it might just become part of your everyday décor!  And not to be missed is the silk charmeuse and foil trimmed blindfold!

Confetti System has elevated kids’ favorites to be worthy of any stylish soiree!  It’s fun to imagine the surprised adult faces when a piñata is part of the party!




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