Unique Serving Ware with Interchangeable Toppers

platter.gifLook What I Found – “Dressed Up” Dishes by Nora Fleming!

I am so excited to share the fun and festive dishes designed by Nora Fleming with Busy Bee readers!  This ingenious serving ware starts with simple, solid white pieces including a triple divided dish, square serving platter, large oval bowl and pedestal cake stand, and then adds decorative, interchangeable “toppers!”  The toppers are adorable, colorful ornaments with posts that are inserted into a small hole at the edge of the dishes.

beachball.gifThe ceramic toppers are available in over 30 different styles, covering the holidays, seasons, hobbies and party themes!  Each mini topper is cuter than the next!  Take a look at the beach ball, birthday cake, shower umbrella, robin’s nest or martini to get an idea! (norafleming.com, toppers are $12.50, serving ware from $35 to $60)

There’s nothing I like more than a lovely, useful product that can be easily adapted for the many events we celebrate in life!  And if you choose to bestow one of Nora Fleming’s pieces on a friend or relative, you’ll never lack for a gift idea in the future – just add to their collection of toppers!

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