Unique Gifts for Teens – Guys

Christmas Gifts for Teens:  Part II – Fun Gifts for Guys


For a reprieve from more common retailers, head to Cantebury of New Zealand for rugby shirts, sweaters and accessories with an international vibe that you won’t see at the mall! (Cantebury of New Zealand)

Recycled Necktie and Suit Wallets

These wallets have experienced the ultimate career change:  they have been transformed into wallets from cast off suits and ties!  Hand crafted in Pennsylvania by Laura Skelton, these wallets feature pockets for bills and two side pockets for credit cards.  And these great looking wallets are a terrific bargain at only $28! (Recycled Necktie & Suit Wallet. $28)

Essential Manners for Men: What to Do, When to Do It and


Although this book might not be welcomed on sight, it is definitely a gift that will keep giving!  This handbook, by Peter Post, features simple guidelines to help smooth the way in daily life, on the job and in social situations. (Essential Manners for Men, $14.93)

Digital Charging Box


This technologically savvy gift allows guys to recharge their gadgets in style!  This sturdy box comes outfitted with a built in power strip, allowing teens to recharge iPods, cell phones and more, all while keeping the electronics neat and organized! (Digital Charging Box, two patterns, $59.99)

Preppy Ties from Vineyard Vines


This terrific retailer has added two new lines to their classic ties featuring Major League Baseball and National Football league teams!  Guys can look well dressed while supporting their favorite teams! (Vineyard Vines Ties, $75)

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One response to “Unique Gifts for Teens – Guys”

  1. Susan says:

    You’ve done it again Busy Bee! This is the perfect gift for those college guys who are so hard to buy for. They may not know it when they receive it, but they will use this forever! THANKS FOR THE TIP!

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