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Christmas Gift Guide for Kids:  Part VI – Terrific Games



This unusual game encourages players to pick a card depicting a rock formation and then replicate what they’ve seen in 60 seconds or less using 7 game “rocks” that they’ve drawn from a large pouch.  Each rock bears a different point value and tallying the score cards is part of the fun.  The rock formations in the game are based upon formations from around the world and facts about each are included with the game! (ages 8 and up, 1-5 players, Ruk Shuk Rock Balancing Game, $24.99)



This is a game of silly, nonsensical fun for kids and families!  Creativity and imagination are necessary to answer crazy questions and do crazy stunts and this game promises that winning may actually be a disappointment because the game will be over!  Be prepared to “make your index finger do a worm dance,” sing in a fairy voice or name three people who have never been in your kitchen! (ages 6 and up, 3-6 players, wiggitybang.com, $19.95)



This game board is comprised of 9 double sided tiles, all covered with silly illustrations.  A set of cards has players search for certain drawings on the board before the timer runs out.  Get ready for categories like “things in a bathroom” or “stinky things” and a really fun game! (ages 6 and up, 2 or more players, Pictureka, $14.99)



This is the perfect game to get kids moving either indoors or out!  And while active, athletic prowess isn’t necessary for a win!  Players roll a large, 12 sided foam die and then take turns tossing balls and hoops towards it.  After everyone has tossed, the instruction on the die may award the points to the 3rd closest object or the furthest!  Performing other feats as you throw adds to the fun! (ages 8 and up, 2-4 players, Boochie, $24)

The Touch Game


This award winning game promises to be a test of time and wit, requiring lightning fast memory and sensory dexterity!  Players race against the clock as they attempt to identify playing pieces concealed inside of the innovative play container.  Expansion packs are also available. (The Touch Game, $31.99)

Capture the Gag


This game offers a new way to play Hide and Seek and is perfect for groups and teams!  The game includes colored wristbands and flags along with a “gag” that each team hides for the other to find! (Capture the Gag, $28)



This portable board game can be compared to chess or checkers, but unlike chess, the play pieces on this board are magnetic and jump from spot to spot without warning!  Players will try to beat force fields with strategic thinking along with careful and precise handling of the game’s magnetic stones!  Completely unpredictable and completely unique fun! (Jishaku, $19.95)

The Yoga Garden Game


This is a wonderfully new approach to a typical board game!  This game combines cooperative concepts with simple yoga poses as players move a bee around the board adding flowers to the garden, following the “night” instructions or drawing a yoga pose card.  Inventing your own pose is added entertainment! (Yoga Garden, $20)

Do you have a favorite game for kids?  Please share!

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