Unique and Beautiful Jewelry for Women

Christmas Gift Guide for Women  – Part I:  Beautiful Jewelry

Prismera Design – Botanical Jewelry


From Prismera Designs, these are beautiful, organic pieces cut from recycled sheet metal and then cast into metals like gold and bronze.  Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are inspired by flowers, fauna and ancient artifacts and all are exquisite in their simplicity. (Prismera Designs, $66 – 76)

One Pearl


This lovely jewelry was created by a mother going through a difficult time.  She focused on the beauty of a pearl which is formed by an irritant but emerges as a gem!  Each piece of jewelry features either one black or white pearl meant to symbolize “one life changed.”  The designs range from traditional to modern, using pearls, semi precious stones and more.  There are so many choices, but look first at the Black Five Strand Signature Necklace, featuring black rice pearls and one beautiful white cultured pearl.  Even better, 50% of all profits are donated to children’s charities. (One Pearl, $85)

Waves of Gratitude


These pendants are perfect for anyone seeking a “one of a kind” piece of jewelry every time they wear it.  These sterling silver necklaces are composed of six different wave shaped pendants that depict the different movements of an ocean wave.  There are endless configurations and looks! (Waves of Gratitude, $135)



Inspired by vintage Bakelite, this California based company creates adorable jewelry that remains modern!  The bracelets are my personal favorite – each features nine beads that are molded from resin and topped with clear acrylic.  But what’s under the acrylic is what’s special!  Each bracelet has its own theme – maps, French words, vintage shoes, NYC signs, Rome and so many more! (Hot Cakes)

Do you have a favorite jewelry gift for women?  Please share!

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