Trends in Decorating – Typography

The Typography Trend:  Decorating with Letters and Numbers!

When my husband and I first bought our current home, we had very little furniture and even less to hang on the walls!  Graphic items, with dimension have always appealed to me and so I created wall groupings with some artwork, interspersed with wire, wood, metal and cloth letters that reflected our first and last names.  I collected the letters over time and added them in all sorts of spaces.

Recently, though, I’ve spotted the typography trend in fabulous catalogs and magazines – making this trend easy to bring into your own home!  Choose your letters as I did by initials, spell a special word or phrase, or just choose letters that have visual appeal!  Depending on the material, the letters can be suitable for a living room, kid’s bedroom or den!

Here are some typography resources:

Three Potato Four Shop

I love everything that’s sold by this shop – including their amazing selection of typography!  The offerings are vintage and unique, so you may want to check back regularly as you assemble your collection!  Take a look at:


Grandinroad has a fabulous selection of metal letters and symbols in a variety of sizes and colors that will make it easy to match your décor. (Grandinroad, Antiqued Metal Letters and Symbols, $29.00 – $69.00)

Feather Your Nest

If numbers are your thing, these vintage petrol numbers in red and white are a great way to personalize your space!  (Feather Your Nest, Red and White Metal Numbers, $25)

Restoration Hardware

These letters and symbols are sold in three cast metal finishes and in a variety of sizes!  This choice is perfect if you prefer a more monochromatic look! (Restoration HardwareCast Metal Letter Ojects, $7.99 – $69)

Birdsquare Carpentry

This workshop creates what it calls “heavy letters,” from different colored concrete.  The letters measure 9” tall and 2.5” thick, with the width varying from letter to letter!  These letters have a great, modern esthetic. (Birdsquare Carpentry, Heavy Letters, $15)

Urban Outfitters



Here you’ll find letters covered with aged maps, industrial stencils and perhaps most fun of all, marquee letters with lights!  (Urban Outfitters, prices vary)

Please share your photos with Busy Bee if you do!

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5 responses to “Trends in Decorating – Typography”

  1. stoneisland says:

    wow, sweet, interesting..i’ll keep checking..!!!!

  2. Love this! You have just inspired me on how to decorate a space in our breakfast nook. Thank you for the shopping resources!

  3. Love the idea of all those letters! What a way to have a personalized space-I am picturing a cute kid’s room. Really cute idea!

  4. Host Bee says:

    Thanks Amy – yes, really fun for a kid’s room!

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