Top Christmas Gifts for 9 and 10 Year Olds and Up

Top Christmas Gifts for Girls and Boys Ages 9 and 10 Years and Up!

Are you looking for a fabulous Christmas Gift for a favorite child? Take a look at a few of my top recommendations:

Gifts For Girls:

Vera Bradley Back Pack*

The Vera Bradley craze is big with this age group, too!  Consider the cute, useful backpack in a fun, youthful pattern like Mediterranean Blue (pictured) or Pinwheel Pink. (Vera Bradley Backpack, $88 (pictured)).  Consider also a cell phone case or a zipper cosmetic bag! (Cell phone case, $32Medium Cosmetic Bag , $23)

Bella’s Mystery Deck

This is a set of 52 brightly illustrated cards, each with a mystery for your child to solve, testing powers of deduction and promoting reading skills! (MindwareBella’s Mystery Deck, $14.95 for 1 set, $24.95 for 2 sets)

Coco Dot Games

From Pottery Barn Teen, three classic games get a colorful and girly update!  Choices include:  Playing Cards, Twister and Backgammon (pictured)

Adorable Candy Themed Jewelry

Each of these pieces of jewelry from Shanalogic are so cute and  perfectly unique!  A few standouts include:

Christmas Gifts for 9 and 10 Year Olds and Up Boys

Paper Jamz Guitars and Amplifier

These guitars let kids play along with the stars’ greatest hits by strumming the strings on these cool paper thin “guitars.”  Versions include Pop, 80’s Classics, Country and Rock and feature built in speakers with volume control.  (Guitars, $19.99;  Amplifier, $14.95)

Electronic Guitar Shirt

This is another fun guitar themed gift!  The t-shirt has a built in electric guitar and a small amplifier that snaps onto a belt.  Kids play actual chords, not prerecorded music! (Electronic Guitar Shirt, $29.99)

Young Architect Kit*

This reusable toy allows children to plan their dream home, sketch it and construct a 3D model. (Hearthsong, Young Architect Kit, $79.98)

Ripstick Caster Board

Reviewers describe this skateboard as groundbreaking!  With only two casters, skaters experience a ride that’s compared to snowboarding, allowing kids to accelerate or turn without pushing, just like carving down the slopes.  You may want to pick up a spare set of casters for this toy, along with the necessary safety equipment if you don’t already own that gear! (RipStik Caster Board, five color choices, prices starting at $59.99, replacement casters starting at $11.99)

EyeClops Bionic Eye

This cool new toy is a hand held device that magnifies ordinary objects 200 times and then projects the image onto your TV screen! (EyeClops Bionic Eye, $69.99)

Christmas Gifts for 9 and 10 Year Olds and Up Boys and Girls:

Forensic Detective’s Toolkit

This authentic kit allows kids to develop observation and problem solving skills using the same equipment and techniques as real detectives!  (MindwareForensic Detective’s Toolkit, $49.95)

Share the Music with RockStar

This device for Ipods allows up to five kids to plug in and listen to the same music! Perfect for this age group!  (Belkin, Rockstar, $14.99)

Lego Games

Lego has taken its fun building toys to a new level with a variety of terrific board games that incorporate construction with an ever-changing game board!  Here are a few of the choices (prices vary – $9.99 to $29.99):

Do you have a favorite idea for a Christmas gift for a 9 or 10 year old boy or girl? I’d love to know!

*It’s serendipity when the products we love are from the sponsors we love.

For more ideas on Christmas gifts for children, see:


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6 responses to “Top Christmas Gifts for 9 and 10 Year Olds and Up”

  1. pam larsen says:

    agreat gift for a 10 year old is just money. my sons loved it

  2. erin kidney says:

    i think thats a great idea but you could also bye little things like little toys that cost nothin really and only give a little bit of money.

  3. kimberly says:

    a great gift for a 9 year old girl is clothing

  4. Brock says:

    give them any thing they want!

  5. Thank you for this list – I know my 9yo son would love a LEGO board game. I’m adding it to his list! 🙂

  6. 10 year old says:

    Im ten and i would want money. Some other things are movie theater gift certificates,also dont buy your kids clothes, give them money to buy clothes so they can pick something out that they will actually wear.Im into reading so i like books. Nail polish is omething a lot of girls are into. my final item is jewlery.
    Thanks For Reading!

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