Top Christmas Gifts for 5 and 6 Year Olds and Up

Top Christmas Gifts for Boys and Girls Ages 5 and 6 Years and Up!

Gift Ideas for Girls:

All Natural Day Spa Kit

This kit has everything a girl could need for a Spa Party for four guests!  Invitations, party planning guide, shopping lists and materials to craft natural spa treatments at home!  (Mindware,  All Natural Day Spa , $29.95)

The Enchanted Doll’s House Pop-Up Book

This beautiful book explores houses from the 16th to the early 20th century and the families who lived in them.  Girls will read journals, explore jewelry boxes and more!  (The Metropolitan Museum of Art,  The Enchanted Doll’s House Pop-Up Book, $25.19 members, $27.99 non-members)

MoMA’s Modern Play House

Kids will be inspired to create modern spaces with an innovative set of modular nesting boxes, mix and match furniture and removable vinyl clings! (MoMA Store, Modern Play House 2010, $17.99 members,  $19.99, non-members)

Personalized Polka Dot Sleeping Bag

Polka Dot Sleeping Bag


Girls in this age group are just starting to think about sleep overs and with an adorable sleeping bag like this one will be the best accessory! (Chasing Fireflies, Personalized Jumbo Dots Sleeping bag, on sale for $118.00)

Barbie Video Girl

Barbie goes high tech with a real video camera inside of the doll.  The lens is hidden in her necklace and the video screen is on her back!  (Barbie Video Doll Girl, $39)

Gifts Ideas for Boys:

Rip Rider 360 Bike

This three wheeled bike features back tires that swivel all the way around for an especially “wild” ride! (RipRider 360, $71.99)

Dinosaur K’nex 20 Model Building Set

This set allows kids to build 20 different dinosaurs, complete with stomping and roaring sounds! (K’Nex Dinosaurs 20 Model Building Set, $21.97)

Playmobil Pyramid Play Set

Young explorers can make big discoveries with secret chambers, trapdoors, mummies, hidden treasure and more! (Playmobil, Playmobil Pyramid, $104.99)

Speed Sensing Sport Balls

Digital Speed Sensing Baseball

These high tech, digitally equipped balls measure the speed of your pitching with a baseball and the distance of your throw with a football! (Big Smile ToysDigital Speed Sensing Baseball, $19.95;  Virtual Distance Football, $22.95)

Gift Ideas For Both Girls and Boys:

Super-Simple Tie-Dye Machine


Creating cool tie-dyed clothing can be a big mess, but not with this kit that includes enough supplies to dye 12 items! (Super-Simple Tie-Dye Machine, $19.99)



This fun game will boost children’s concentration and coordination with a 3-D puzzle that’s fun over and over! (Fat Brain ToysPerplexus, $21.95)

Habitadule – The Perfect Play Space

This oversized construction set allows kids to create all sorts of playscapes!  The word “habitadule” is French for living spaces and offer endless possibilities!  (HearthsongHabitadule, on sale for $74.99)

Lego Digital Camera

This cute camera is made of Lego blocks and can hold 80 photos before needing a computer download!  While kids can’t disassemble the camera, they can add additional Lego blocks to it!  (Lego Digital Camera, $77.99)

The Come Back Kids Gift Set

This set includes four timeless toy treasures that will bring back memories for adults and entertain the next generation!  Look for the original Slinky, a Duncan yo-yo, Silly Putty and Crayola crayons in a vintage case. (The Hall of Fame Toy Pack, $9.40)

Touch the Art Interactive Books

These books allow kids to do exactly what is forbidden in museums! This set features famous works of art with fun commentary, tactile materials and interactive components! The titles themselves are fun, too – Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair, Pop Warhol’s Top,Make Van Gogh’s Bed, and Feed Matisse’s Fish! (Uncommon GoodsTouch the Art Books – Set of 4, $35)

Dogs Around the World

iconThis adorable toy features five different stuffed dogs from five countries and their coordinating houses! One example is the Yorkshire Terrier, housed in a little English cottage. (HearthsongDogs Around the Worldicon, $19.98 each)

 Disney Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

This newly classic game is great fun in its original version and even more fun with a Disney twist!  The game features comparisons ranging from the Disney theme parks. to movies and Disney channel television shows. (Apples to Apples, on sale for $19.93)

Do you have a favorite Christmas gift idea for a 5 or 6 year old boy or girl? I’d love to know!

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For more fun gift ideas for children ages 5 and up, see Top Birthday Gifts for 5 and 6 Year Olds and our Christmas Gift Guide, detailing gifts for kids by type!

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  1. Simple gift for 6 year old girl says:

    My grand daughter is into having me polish her nails….well this last thanksgiving she brought over little tiny pink and rainbow hearts to put on the nails as well. She was just joyous having these little hearts added on. We first put on a coat of pale purple then the little hearts on top of that coat and after the hearts were all placed on her little nails came the clear polish. They also like Avons Princess Lip Gloss big time. Also, a Princess brush and fancy headbands and pony-o’s. One last idea — A battery powered toothbrush. Best investment for keeping those pearly whites their entire life.

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