Top 5 Favorite Mineral Makeups

Mineral Makeup Favorites

It’s August and the dog days of summer have arrived.  Lazy afternoons with mint juleps and mojitos.  Okay, who are we kidding?  It’s hot, it’s humid, and we’re still playing laundress, chauffeur and chef for the most part.  The only thing that has changed this month is the ungodly shine that has affixed itself to our skin.

What’s a girl to do?  Just sit back and read on….

This month we bring you the best mineral makeup around (or at least we think so, and no they did not send us free product, or beg us to write ‘em up, in fact, they don’t even know that they’re being called out, pure, old school ‘journalism’: writing about something cause it’s fan-tab-u-lous, not because we were bribed).

Mineral makeup we love caz… keeps the skin matte and doesn’t go into the pores nor does it have any gnarly unpronounceable ingredients (buyer beware: some do, so check labels-mabels, but our 2 favorites do not).

So….without much further ado, our Top Five Countdown:

5.  Airbrush Foundation

To use their verbiage “covers all imperfections, fuss free.”  Plus it comes in this uber cute compact little dispenser-thingy with a little puff to make sure you get great coverage and a mirror to boot. (Airbrush Foundation, $47)

4.  Blemish Therapy

Though we are no longer in chemistry class or study hall, that’s not to say there aren’t times when blemishes rear their ugly heads (pun intended). This handy-dandy product not only diminishes, it prevents and absorbs, woot woot!  (Blemish Therapy, $28)

3.  Eye Pencil

For those of us that forgo the Britney Spears smudged-rolled-outta-bed-except-I-didn’t-go-to-bed look (Brit, one word: eye makeup remover) we love these mineral kohl pencils. The line and color stays in place and is easy to manipulate into a subtle smoky eye, hubba-hubba (Eye Pencil, $12)

2.  Mineral Sunscreen

Though I’d love to brag and say we discovered this on our own, it was in fact a friend who was waving it around one day en route to the seaside (doesn’t that sound so much more la-dee-da?).  It was there we watched in wonder as she popped the top, twisted the bottom and dusted her face with this mineral sunscreen.  No residue.  No lotion.  No burning eyes from said lotion running down your mug and into your baby blues.  I love, my family loves. (Mineral Sunscreen, $28)

1.  Lip Buzz Collection

Should be called lip love collection.  I counted down the days, to the estimated date of arrival after I ordered this lil’ kit, I was so excited and anxious to try their best-seller out. I was not disappointed.  Not only do I get loads of compliments due to the shimmer it creates on my bucca, but you can use any of the 4 colors for your lids as well.  Which I do with much ado. (Lip Buzz Collection, $40)

So ladies, there you have it.  A mini mineral makeup review, for you.

Thanks to Shannon for her fabulous fashion posts!  Shannon Cavanagh-Estrada is co-owner of Pitch! Press.  Her expertise lies in styling, trend-forecasting, design consulting and working in the public relations arena.  For more information on Shannon, visit

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