Tip of the Week – Terrariums for Kids

Tip of the Week – Terrarium Gardening with Kids!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my fun terrarium purchase at the Philadelphia Flower Show and offered some easy advice on how to create your own terrarium at home.  As excited as I was with my own terrarium, I was surprised by my nine-year-old daughter’s equal enthusiasm for the tiny garden!  She was intrigued by the little plants and loved the online photos that depicted plant materials, tiny fairy scenes, miniature gnomes and toadstools!  The begging began at once:  can I make one?  Can we buy the supplies?  Can I find one online?

Of course, the answer is yes!  A quick check on the Internet turned up a variety of terrarium kits designed especially for kids!

Terrarium Kits for Kids

Dragon’s Lair:  Grow Your Own Dragon’s Den

This kit includes black dragon coleus seeds, decorative dragon, lava rocks and more! (Dragon’s Lair, $14.99)

Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden

Such fun – this kit allows kids to paint the 11” flower shaped garden dish as they wish. Tiny gemstone treasures, fairy cottage, flowers, fairy, butterflies and fast growing seeds complete the kit. (Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden, $24.61)

Medieval Garden

This tabletop garden has a decidedly medieval twist. Included are: a resin dragon and castle tower for kids to paint; seeds for wheat-grass and basil; and magical dragon eggs! (Medieval Garden, $24.43)

Making Your Own Terrarium for Kids

And if you‘d like to make your own terrarium, take a look at Busy Bee’s easy instructions (Terrariums – Tabletop Gardening All Year Round!) and then come up with a clever container that will add a special, kid-like touch to your child’s creation!  Consider:

  • An Empty, Unused Gum Ball Machine –  (Gum Ball Machine, $19.99)
  • A Cookie Jar(Glass cookie jar with stainless steel lid, $41.49)
  • An Old Gold Fish Bowl
  • Repurposed Toys: an upturned, plastic fire fighter’s hat; a girl’s plastic toy purse that has a flat bottom; old lunch box, beach bucket or whatever your imagination could think of!

I hope that these ideas bring a sign of spring to your home and help you to “grow a gardener” too!

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  1. John says:

    This sounds perfect as a birthday gift for a child! Thanks for the suggestion!

    The Technology Mill

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