TSA Approved Mesh Cosmetics Bags

On Board Bags   $22Your TSA Solution – On Board Bags!

The FAA has made several changes in the past year regarding carry on liquids.  In Tips for Carry-ons, I gave readers the specific details about the new restrictions which basically limit liquids to three ounces stored in a one quart zip lock bag. And here’s a creative upgrade to “sandwich bags” for your toiletries! 

Room Service Home offers well made, TSA approved zippered mesh bags for on-board toiletries.  The bags are sold in a set of two in two different shapes.  The mesh is semi-opaque so there’s a small measure of privacy, and best of all are the adorable, silver airplane charms that adorn the zippers!  (roomservicehome.com for $22) 

These bags make a great gift for newlyweds, high school or college students, and any one who is frequent flyer!

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