Tip of the Week – Replacement Game Board Boxes!

Game Closet Make Over!

With summer in full swing, many of us have a few extra minutes to tackle some organizational projects!  One area in my house that is constantly in need of sorting and straightening are the cupboards where we store board games, puzzles and DVD’s.  The messiness in this area is made worse by the bad/broken/nonexistent (!) condition of the game and puzzle boxes!


It was easy to come up with an idea to solve the puzzle problem.  Using large zip lock storage bags, I put each puzzle into its own bag and then cut the picture off of the lid and inserted it into the bag with the puzzle pieces. 

Board Games

The beat up board game boxes were a little trickier until I found this great product from The Container Store!  At containerstore.com you can purchase colorful and sturdy plastic “Game Savers” boxes!  Three different varieties including deep, shallow and junior are available to accommodate all sorts of games! ($12.99 to $14.99)

CDs, DVDs, and VHS Tapes

If the cases for your CDs, DVDs, or VHS tapes are missing or worse for the wear, these can also be easily replaced!  Target sells empty CD cases ($7.99 for 30) and DVD cases ($7.99 for 15).  These items are available in stores only.  VHS tape cases are a little more difficult to find, but if you have favorite movies that are on VHS, it’s worth the effort!  Check out sleevetown.com for clear, plastic VHS tape containers for .75/each or less for larger quantities!

I hope that these ideas will inspire you to spruce up your closets today! 

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2 responses to “Tip of the Week – Replacement Game Board Boxes!”

  1. Teri says:

    Replacement game boxes seem pretty hard to find. Container Store discontinued them. Any ideas where to find a replacement box for Candy Land?

  2. Host Bee says:

    You might try http://www.amazon.com/OBH-Enterprises-Original-Saver-Orange/dp/B00065IN8K; These game boxes are currently in stock.

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