This Halloween Try “Booing!”

Halloween Happenings – Try “Booing!”

Can Halloween get any more fun for kids? The answer is a resounding YES, especially if your family decides to participate in the new Halloween trend, “Booing!”  Have you heard about “Booing?”  I was introduced to this fun new trend a few years ago, when my family found a treat filled bag on our front steps a week or so before Halloween.  Included with the treat was a short poem explaining the gift’s appearance, along with an “I’ve Been Booed” sign to hang on our front door, so that we weren’t “booed” twice!

How To “Boo”

  • The basic idea is that you and your children choose two families to “Boo.”
  • You then need two treat bags, two copies of the “booing” poem and two front door signs.
  • After delivering your packages, the recipients will each “boo” two more families and they’ll each “boo” two and so on!  Watching the “boo” spread across town is half of the fun!

A Halloween “Booing” Poem

I spent some time on-line looking for a great “booing” poem and ended up writing my own, along with a short set of instructions!

  • You can use my version, see A “Booing” Poem, or download the poem that is posted at  This site also has a selection of downloadable “I’ve Been Booed” signs.  (You have to scroll down on their page to see the poem and signs.)
  • Another option is to have your children create the signs for your treat bags!

The “Booing” Treat Bags

Now, for the most important aspect of “booing”- just what should you put into those treat bags?? Recognizing that all of the children will be swimming in candy in the near future, try to think outside of the (candy) box!

  • What about the ingredients needed to make caramel apples?
  • Or a fun Halloween DVD?
  • Apple cider donuts? Pumpkin bread? Or if you’re like me, a mix to make pumpkin bread?
  • Glow necklaces or flashlights for Halloween night?
  • Whatever you choose to put inside, pick a cute Halloween themed bag or container to deliver your wares!

It’s great fun to share some new ideas with Busy Bee readers!  Will you try Halloween Booing this year?  Or have you been “booing” for years?   I’d love to know!

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4 responses to “This Halloween Try “Booing!””

  1. Diane says:

    We have been “booing” for a few years. Last year, Target had a boo bag and tag and directions to follow. I also added a Halloween Cake Mix to my bag with orange colored frosting!

  2. Lynne Kenney says:

    Tonight we got Booed! and the best part was the laughter associated with me trying to explain the tradition to my 6 year old.

    “Who made that up Mom?”

    “Google it,” she said.

    Traditions are so wonderful!

    Thanks for the tips!



  3. Alison says:

    Our street used to Boo in a much less formal way. I can’t wait to reintroduce it to the block this week. You provided such great tips! I never thought of including homemade foods like baked goods — in fact I have some left over pumpkin puree to make some pumkin bread. Great idea. Thanks.

  4. Regina says:

    Another great thing to put into the bags is a Halloween book. I have been booing for several years and have given a book in every bag. I also give pencils, erasers, little stuffed animals(pumpkins, bats, bears) spider rings. If you know how many children are in the house, put in enough for each child. I usually give only 1 book, but the stuffed animals, I give one per child. These are just some great little items all children love –

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