The Mother’s Day Corsage

Tip of the Week:  The Mother’s Day Corsage!

I just read a great article in the April issue of Southern Living that wistfully reminisced about feminine traditions that have gone by the wayside – noting that some were deservedly forgotten and others worthy of revival!

Among the icons that we’ve bidden a happy farewell, the author listed bonnet hair dryers, half-slips, teasing combs, white shoes worn only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, nylons, Aqua Net hair spray and girdles!  But, there were three classics listed that deserved a comeback:  Easter dresses, hostess aprons to be donned over fancy outfits when entertaining, and Mother’s Day corsages!

Choosing the Flowers for Your Mother’s Day Corsage

Mother’s Day corsages are a lovely way to honor the mothers in your life and the flowers in those corsages have their own unique language.  Flowers for your mother’s corsage are chosen based upon whether or not her mother is living.

  • If her mother is living, roses or carnations in pink or red are appropriate.
  • If her mother is not living, white or yellow roses or an orchid are in order.

Consider adding this special touch to the Mother’s Day celebrations in your family – it’s a sentimental nod to the traditions of years past and clearly worthy of revisiting!  You’ll find several choices at*

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  1. Paula Kiger says:

    I enjoyed your article! I wrote about this topic in my blog yesterday:
    (ps – I also read the obituaries first, every. single. day.)

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