Comfortable Portable Beds for Your Guests!

Tip of the Week – The Best Beds for Guests!

Hosting overnight guests can feel like a challenge, especially if your home doesn’t allow for a designated guest room! But not to worry – you won’t have to relegate your guests to an old pull out couch or college era futon anymore! Better Homes and Gardens did some terrific research and offered three exceptional choices for keeping your visitors comfortable!

Cabela’s Folding Air Bed

This queen sized bed combines the “off of the ground” convenience of a cot, with the comfort of an inflatable mattress. The frame and mattress fold into a wheeled storage case and it only takes a few easy steps to set it up. An air pump is included. (Folding Air Bed, $150)

L.L. Bean’s Swedish Folding Cot

Unlike the type of cot that we’re all familiar with, this version features a thick cushioned mattress and wooden slats for support! The cot folds to a slim size and weighs only 26 pounds. (Swedish Folding Cot, $120)

Aerobed’s Luxury Collection Pillow Top

This is not your typical inflatable bed! Featuring a plush, velvety sleep surface and a control wand with seven preset memory firmness settings for a customized feel, this bed is available in twin, full and queen sizes. (Aerobed’s Pillow Top)

The Insta-Bed

Another bedding choice that caught my attention while I was preparing to write this article was the Insta-Bed. This bed features an inflatable mattress, but is unique with a built in electric pump that is operated with a remote control. The remote control can inflate and deflate the mattress, adjust the level of firmness and best of all, raise the head or foot of the bed. Since inflatable beds don’t have headboards, being able to raise the head of the bed allows guests to read or watch TV in bed! (Insta-Bed)

If your home is lacking a comfortable, stow away bed for company, buying one of these well priced beds will have you sleeping as peacefully as your guests! For some additional tips for creating fabulous guests rooms, take a look at Create A Five Star Guest Room!

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  1. Janice says:

    Purchasing a spare bed has been on my to-do list forever! I might just get it done now!

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