TurduckenThanksgiving Turducken! 

Just what is this crazy thing Turducken??  Apparently a new Thanksgiving tradition is gaining popularity across the country!  A combination of turkey (TUR), duck (DUCK), and chicken (EN), this specialty food originating from Louisiana might be appearing on a Thanksgiving table near you!

Turducken is made by deboning each of the three poultries and wrapping the chicken inside of the duck and then the duck inside of the turkey, with layers of stuffing between each bird!  When the turducken is carved, each slice contains six layers of meats and stuffing.

If you are brave enough to try this recipe at home, there is a very lengthy, but simply written recipe at about.com:homecooking.  And, if the idea of this unique twist on Thanksgiving turkey appeals to you, but the work involved does not, a good friend has recommended turducken ordered from The Cajun Grocer!  Her family has enjoyed this specialty for years! (cajungrocer.com, $79 for a 15 pound turducken with your choice of five different stuffings: cornbread, seafood jambalaya, cornbread and rice, pork sausage and plain/vegetables only.  The pork sausage dressing is the most popular.)

Even if this unusual dish is not part of your Thanksgiving feast this year, at least you’ll have heard about turducken, and perhaps enjoyed saying it out loud and making yourself laugh as much as I did

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One response to “Turducken”

  1. Anne says:

    The Turduckens are far easier to prepare, carve and serve than the ole”bird”…Wishing you and yours all the blessings of Thanksgiving.

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