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Tip of the Week – Share the Legend of the Five Kernels!

With Thanksgiving just days away, here is another nice way to remind your children of why we are thankful on Thanksgiving. This idea came home from school with one of my children years ago: The Legend of the Five Kernels.

The Legend of the Five Kernels

This legend reminds us of the history of Thanksgiving and the first long, cold winter that the Pilgrims spent in their new home. Food was scarce and at times there were only five kernels of corn for the Pilgrims each day. Spring came, crops were planted and the Pilgrims survived. At each Thanksgiving thereafter, the Pilgrims put five pieces of corn on each plate to remind them of five special blessings!

  • The first kernel reminds us of the fall beauty around us.
  • The second reminds us of our love for one another.
  • The third reminds us of God’s love for us.
  • The fourth kernel reminds us of our friends, especially our Native American brothers and sisters.
  • The fifth kernel reminds us that we are free people.

I hope that you enjoy this unique reminder of the meaning of Thanksgiving and share the legend with your family!

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