Thanksgiving Table Decorations

dsc03275-1.JPGDecorate Your Thanksgiving Table!

There are so many ways to bring the beautiful season of Autumn to your Thanksgiving table that it is hard to even begin! But I do have a few ideas that would be lovely additions to any table!

Pumpkins and Apples

Focus on the pumpkins and apples that are such perfect symbols of fall! Small pumpkins and apples arranged on trays or in low baskets make great (and easy) centerpieces! Carve circular openings large enough to hold a tea light into apples and create your own unique candle holders – the more the better!

Colorful Leaves

Also on the more natural side, have your children gather the most colorful leaves from your yard and then arrange them in vases as you would fresh flowers! The leaves remain vibrant for longer than you might think!

Sheaves of Wheat

Sheaves of wheat, gathered together and tied with beautiful, wide ribbon are also wonderful accents for a Thanksgiving table.


Spray Painted Pumpkins

For a more formal table, grab a can of gold or silver spray paint and turn those traditional orange pumpkins into something special! Spray paint pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes, position them down the center of the table and intersperse with small white votive candles in glass holders. You’ll be amazed at the professional outcome that you’ll achieve!

Take a look at Busy Bee’s Thanksgiving and Fall videos which offer additional ideas for fabulous Thanksgiving table decorations! I am convinced that there’s nothing you can’t do with a can of metallic spray paint!

Tips for Arranging Your Table Decorations

Regardless of the theme you choose for your table decorations, when you are arranging your decorative elements, try to follow my most important tips!

Vary the heights of the items in your display – Use cake plates, candle holders, trays or whatever you have handy to elevate the components of your centerpiece. This will make even the most simple of elements look impressive!

More is more! – Don’t just paint two or three pumpkins, paint five or seven! Don’t just set out two candle holders or votives, set out five, or seven or nine! Always work in odd numbers and again, more is more!! Trust me on this one!

What fabulous decorations will decorate your dining room table this Thanksgiving? Will you try one of my ideas or do you have a terrific idea of your own? I’d love to know!

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  1. Judy says:

    Loved this one. I am working my way through the week before ideas. Many thanks Susan.

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