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Preparing for Your Thanksgiving Day Celebration!

November is here and we all know what that means – time to talk turkey! If you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, it’s important to start planning the menu, table settings, flowers and more, right now! The more that can be accomplished in these early days of November, the less stressed you’ll be later!

Here’s what you can do now to prepare for Thanksgiving!

Order your turkey – Plan to cook 1 ½ to 2 pounds of turkey for each guest. This means that for 10 guests, you’ll need about a 20 pound bird!

Select table linens and inspect them carefully for stains – To brighten up white linens, I recommend an overnight soak in a tub of water and Biz detergent. A Clorox bleach pen is terrific for old stains! After washing, go ahead and iron the linens too, using spray starch for a crisp, finished look.

Choose a terrific invitation to set the tone for your celebration – and get your guests to dinner on time!

  • For a more traditional invitation, I like the “Turkey Platter” from Announcing It! (, pictured top, 20 for $36)
  • For a more modern flair, Fine Stationery offers a fun choice featuring a simple plate and silverware against a chocolate brown tablecloth with an acorn and fall leaf detail! (Thanksgiving Place Settingicon, 15 for $40)

Take a look at Busy Bee’s article Thanksgiving Fun for Kids– See if any of my ideas appeal to you! If so, shop for or order the necessary supplies!

Go ahead and splurge on a professional floral arrangement! – Place that order today!

Plan your menu!

  • Decide which recipes you’ll be cooking this year, photo copy each one and staple them together so that you won’t be lugging a bunch of different cook books around the market!
  • Make sure that you have the appropriate serving platters, bowls, and dishes for each recipe that you’ll be cooking.

I hope that these ideas get you motivated for the preparation of a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner! More thoughts, tips and recipes are on the way!

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  1. Kailani says:

    Thank you for the very useful post. I need all the organizing help I can get!

    BTW, your post will be included in this week’s edition of the Carnival of Family Life on November 19th at An Island Life.

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