Thanksgiving Cocktail Party Ideas

Host a Fabulous Thanksgiving Cocktail Party!

I know that this might sound like an untraditional way to celebrate a very classic holiday, but modern families are not necessarily traditional!  If you are living away from your family or aren’t the “married with 2.5 kids,” this might be the perfect plan for you!  Gather a circle of friends, coworkers or neighbors who share your situation, and host a sophisticated soiree, with no one sitting at the kid’s table!


Choose a clever way to invite your guests to this novel party!

Fall Placesetting InvitationConsider the trendy “Fall Place Setting” invitation (Impress In Print, Fall Place Setting Invitation, 30 for $38.28)


Good Eats : Goldenrod Invitation

From Tiny Prints, this is a crisp, modern way to invite guests for Thanksgiving dinner! (Tiny Prints, Good Eats, 20 for $28.80)


Autumn Wreath Housewarming Party Invitations

And for a more subtle, sophisticated look, this invitation is perfect from a wonderful new site (Minted! Autumn Wreath, 25 for $60)


Since you’ve already broken with tradition, plan a simple assortment of finger foods, like shrimp cocktail, gourmet cheeses and crackers or any of the other appetizer recipes listed on Busy Bee!

If you’d like to serve turkey- try an unconventional approach:

  • Slice roasted turkey breast and make small, open faced sandwiches.  Offer a variety of tricky toppings!
  • Some unique garnishes could include recipes from the Food Network for Vidalia Onion Marmalade, Cranberry Relish or Apricot Jalapeno Chutney.
  • For an easier sandwich topping, consider an assortment of store bought flavored mayonnaises or caramelized onions!
  • You could also introduce your guests to the increasingly popular “turducken” by purchasing one of these elaborate birds and slicing it into small, cocktail sized servings! See Thanksgiving Turducken.


I found some terrific fall cocktail recipes on-line that would be just perfect for a Thanksgiving Cocktail Party! From Cocktail Times comes the Pumpkin Pie Martini, from Drink Swap I read about the Thanksgiving Cocktail Drink with apple brandy and a Spiked Apple Cider was compliments of Rachel Ray!

I hope that these ideas inspire you to consider ways to celebrate Thanksgiving that are out of the ordinary, but still embody the spirit of caring, friendship and thankfulness that set apart this distinctly American holiday!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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