Terrific Toys to Get Kids Moving

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids:  Part IV – Toys to Get Kids Moving

Flying Turtle

This toy is so popular at my house that we had to buy two!  It’s low to the ground and kid powered by swinging the handles back and forth to set the scooter in motion.  No motor, pedaling or batteries involved! (ages 3 – 12, Flying Turtle, $79.98)

Flowboard Alternative Skateboard

Flowboard Alternative Skateboard

This cool new version of a skateboard promises that kids can “surf without waves, carve without snow” made possible by patented 7 wheel trucks that make an incredibly smooth ride! (ages 8 and up, Flowboard Alternative Skateboard, $79.95)

Kick N Go Xcelerator


This scooter is unique with a kick pedal self-propulsion system that allows kids to move quickly without pushing off the ground!  A fast, smooth ride with tight turns is promised! (ages 8 – 12, Pulse Xcelerator Kick ‘N Go Scooter, $100, red or silver)

Wonder Golf

With this toy, kids can practice putting on a portable green that replicates real putting challenges with adjustabl feet that allow you to raise an end or side to simulate a real green!  The set is very attractive and colorful and includes:  an adjustable putter, ball holder, flags and golf balls. (ages 4 and up, Wonder Golf, $59.98)

Do you have a favorite active toy?  Please share!

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