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Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day!
Although I’ve offered many suggestions for Father’s Day gifts, if your children would like to create something special for dad, here are a few easy ideas!
Custom Made Snack Mix
Mixing up a batch of snack mix will get kids thinking about dad’s personality and keep them busy in the kitchen!  Here are […]

Handmade Gifts for Teachers

Handmade Gifts for Teachers:  Thoughtful Ways to End the School Year!
I’ve always believed that our children’s teachers deserve anything and everything that we can do for them!  They instruct, mold, encourage and entertain our kids for eight hours every day of the school year!  These early June days are the right time to be thinking […]

Clever Valentine’s Gifts for Kids, Boys, Girls, Children

The Sweetest Valentine’s Gifts for Kids!
When I was growing up (and still today!) every holiday was a special day complete with gift giving, thanks to my mother’s fabulous creativity.  And in fact, her gift giving was brilliant, especially when my sister and I were young.  My mom would shop for things that we needed, but […]

Unique Christmas Stockings

Beautiful Christmas Stockings in Every Style!
Hanging up Christmas stockings is one of my family’s favorite traditions! On Christmas Eve, every member of the family, right down to our dog, Oliver, has their photo taken placing their empty stocking onto a hook on the mantle, anxiously awaiting the overflowing version the next morning!
I was fortunate that […]

Retro Christmas Holiday Cocktail Party

Retro Holiday Cocktail Party!
I so enjoyed writing about the retro decorations available this year that I wanted to take the theme a step further and create a cocktail party based upon fun, vintage touches!  Take a look and see if what’s old feels just right for today!

Four funky and fresh invitations with a vintage feel […]

The Perfect Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Look What I Found – The Perfect Thanksgiving Hostess Gift!

If you are one of the lucky ones not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, here’s the perfect gift to acknowledge the hard work (and you know just how hard she’s worked!) of your hostess – the Thanksgiving bracelet from Angela Moore!  Each colorful, hand painted wooden […]

Halloween Fun for Kids with Halloween Stockings!

Halloween Stockings!
Just when I thought that I was done writing about Halloween, I remembered the fun Halloween stockings that I bought for my children last year at a Craft Fair!  When I found these adorable stockings, I knew they would be a great way to bestow some small Halloween treats in a decorative and reusable […]

Halloween Cocktail Party

Halloween Happy Hour – Casual or Elegant!

Who ever said that Halloween was just for the kids? Not me, and in fact, I think that Halloween is a terrific time to entertain adults with a cocktail party with lots of clever touches! In looking over the fun decorations and invitations available for this type of event, […]

Unique Backpacks for School

Backpack Bonanza!
Here’s my “round-up” of the best and most unique backpacks for school from preschoolers to teens!
Backpacks for Preschoolers
Bla Bla

These hand knit animal backpacks are perfect for your preschooler!  Featuring adorable faces in bright colors, you’re sure to find your little one’s favorite animal in backpack form!  Options include:  lion, orange cat, pink piggy, monkey, […]

Unique Lunch Boxes

Lunch Box Round Up for Preschool and Elementary School!
Even though summer has just really gotten underway, it’s nice to be able to cross one or two things off of your Back to School shopping list right now!  For my children, choosing their back packs and lunch boxes is of high importance!  And while they’re looking […]

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