Not Scrunchies

Look What I Found:  Fabulous Alternatives to the “Scrunchie!”

Seriously, none of us should still own a scrunchie, but if you do, or if you only own a bunch of plain black hair elastics, these new finds promise great improvement!

 Simple and elegant

Signature Black TiesFrom Bloom Black Ties, these hair ties are sold in a set of two, one each with gold and silver chain trim. (Bloom Jewelry, Black Ties, on sale for $34.00 for 2)


Natural Colored Beaded

Meadow Pony Hair Tie

Composed of both knitted and faceted beads, this hair tie has a fun, bohemian vibe! (L. Erickson, Meadow Pony Tie, on sale for $14.00)


Candy Colored Beaded

Rock Candy Pony

Available in three fun color combinations, this ponytail holder is youthful and unusual. (L. Erickson, Rock Candy Pony, on sale for $18.00)


Sleek and modern

The Duelette

These metal trimmed ties are so attractive that they easily double as bracelets. (Chilly Jilly, The Duelette, on sale for $15.00)


Fabric Twist Tie

No Damage Hair Tie

Crafted from fabric, these ties are soft and will match every outfit!  Some ties are plain and others include jeweled details like anchors or rhinestone buckles.  (Twistband, Soft Hair Tie, on sale for $8.00)


Two in One

Goody Hair TiesOrnamented with a simple silver band, these traditional Goody hair ties work equally well on a ponytail or on the wrist! (Target, Double Wear Hair Ties, on sale for $4.99)

Update your casual look today with a small investment in one of these stylish hair ties and the next time that you forgo the blow drier, you can still look polished and stylish!

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