Spring Fashion Trends 2012

March Spring Fashion Trends are in the Air

spring fashion trends 2012Say “sayonara” to winter my friends and “how you doin’?” to spring. Time to exfoliate and break out the self-tanner, wipe the cobwebs from your sneakers and shove those Uggs to the back of the closet.  This month I’m here to debrief you on springtime prints.  Need an excuse to go shopping?  Look no further ladies.

A few ground rules regarding prints and patterns.  If you’re a curvy, full-figured fashionista, then you know, large, loud, prints ain’t your cup of tea and to run for the hills no matter how much you love the look, the color, or the print. If you’re petite or vertically challenged steer clear of sweet, teeny-tiny prints.  Those should include a tiara and American Girl doll as accessories. Let’s meet somewhere in the middle shall we?

Stripes.  Love ’em.  L.O.V.E them.  Can’t wear them.  What you may not know about moi’s figure is that it resembles more of a 12 year old boys than a, um, older than 30, younger than 50 figure.  To say I have a boyish figure is putting it mildly.  Straight up and down and vertically challenged Sam I am.  So when I sport stripes, I look more like a mattress than a maven.  But stripes do look great on oodles of shapes, and I love this one in particular I came across over at Lily Pulitizer.  The boatneck and nipped in waist with the knee length full skirt looks fab on most.

Floral jeans. If you have long, lean legs you can pull off floral jeans.  A trend fer sure for spring, but not exactly a user-friendly one.  But that’s not to say, some of you loyal readers don’t have the gams to pull these off.  To which we say, “go for it” with just a tinge of jealousy.  Just a tinge.

Bright colors. A loose fitting patterned garment flatters a print (too fitted is like watching a canvas stretch over its frame).  Bright colors combined with a touch of whimsy let’s others see your playful side.  Eliza J found the perfect balance in her button-up floral number which we found over at Zappos.

Watercolor prints. This month’s personal favorite we’ve saved for last.  It’s a simple frock in theory, but the watercolor, sunset hued print knocks it outta the ballpark.

If you want more suggestions of great places for prints, may we suggest: Freepeople.  All safe bets.

In parting: subtlety is key.  Let’s not let the print wear us, but wear the print (Muumuu alert).

Ciao bellas and catch next month.

Thanks to Shannon for her fabulous fashion posts!  Shannon Cavanagh-Estrada is co-owner of Pitch! Press.  Her expertise lies in styling, trend-forecasting, design consulting and working in the public relations arena.  For more information on Shannon, visit pitchpress.com.

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  1. Alexa says:

    Love stripes too. And can wear them 🙂 Thank you for great ideas

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