Adorable Sock Monkey Party

Adorable First Birthday Parties:  Part II – A Sock Monkey Party

This birthday party plan is all about sock monkeys! The party is a more unusual twist on a first birthday than the Sweet Pea Party  in Part I, but the colors are bright and festive and the motif is totally on trend!  Once again, the plan works for either a boy or girl and starts with a basic set of paper goods and party supplies from Birthday Express.  The special touches can be added as you wish depending on just how much you fall in love with this theme!

Sock Monkey First Birthday Party Paper Goods

Sock Monkey First Birthday Party Supplies

Paper Goods – Head to Birthday Express to select the cute party necessities that are exclusive to this retailer.  The package offers plates, cups, plastic utensils, fill in the blank invitations, ribbon, crepe paper, candles, centerpiece, balloons and party hats. You’ll be able to choose the quantity that you need and add any additional items.  (Birthday Express, Sock Monkey Deluxe Party Pack, 8 place settings on sale for $44.99)

Adding Special Touches:  This is where you can make your celebration stand out!

Sock Monkey Themed Personalized Invitations

Sock Monkey Personalized Invitations

I love the fun pennant detail on this cute sock monkey themed invitation. (Etsy, Personalized Sock Monkey Invitation, PDF file on sale for $12.00)


Photo Invitation Sock monkey Birthday

This Esty invite adds a fun personalized angle featuring the birthday child’s photo. (Etsy, Photo Birthday Invitation, on sale for $12.00)


Sock Monkey Birthday Invitation 2

Balloons and a VW Bug make this cute sock monkey invite a bit more unique. (Etsy, Personalized Sock Monkey Invitation, on sale for $15.00)

Carry Your Sock Monkey Theme Around the Table: Here’s where you can add some standout touches to your table decor!

Sock Monkey Birthday TableclothMonkey Tablecloth – The perfect, funky monkey tablecloth!  If you were to buy just one item from the “special touches” list – this is it! (Amazon, Monkey Tablecloth, on sale for $25.95)


Red and White striped straws

Retro Striped Straws – Red and white striped paper straws add an up-to-date touch.  (Shop Sweet Lulu, Red striped straws, on sale for $4.00)


Milk Bottles

Vintage Milk Bottles – Tuck the straws into milk bottles for a vintage, but totally trendy look! (Shop Sweet Lulu, Vintage Milk Bottles, on sale for $30.00)


Sock Monkey Party Hat


Personalized Party Hats – Personalized party hats will add a finishing touch to your sock monkey theme and look great in photos! (Etsy, Monkey Party Hat, on sale for $6.75)


Sock Monkey Birthday Party Menu Suggestions

  • Banana pudding or yogurt
  • Sliced fresh bananas with dip
  • Banana chips
  • Monkey bread
  • Bottles of Coke that match the color scheme

Monkey cookie cutter

And of course, with a monkey cookie cutter, foods as simple pizza or PB & J can become perfectly thematic! (Copper Gifts, Monkey Cookie Cutter, on sale for $12.95)

Sock Monkey Themed Party Favors


Funky Monkey Tail

Monkey Tails – Too cute funky monkey birthday tails – tie them on for the party and send the fun home! (Home a la Mode, Monkey Tail, 6 on sale for $24.99)


Party Favor Treat Bags


Fabric Treat Bags – Perfect for filling with the little ones’ favorite snacks and kids will enjoy stuffing them with their own little trinkets after the treats are gone!  Animal crackers would be a fitting choice!  (Home a la Mode, Monkey Treat Bags, 6 on sale for $18.99)


Sock Monkey Rides Again Book Party Favor

A Sock Monkey Book –  Author Cece Bell has written a number of books about Sock Monkey, a toy actor!  The series is well reviewed and a book is favor that would please parents too!  Wrap books in brown paper tied with red grosgrain ribbon! (Amazon, Sock Monkey Rides Again, on sale for $24.00)


Sock Monkey Craft Kit

Sock Monkey Ornament Kits – For older children at the party, consider these sock monkey ornament kits! (Oriental Trading, Sock Monkey Craft Kit, 12 on sale for $6.25)


Sock Monkey Bottlecap Necklace

Also for older children, sock monkey bottle cap necklaces make a fun party favor for girls. (Etsy, Bottle Cap Necklace, on sale for $3.25)

Sock Monkey Party Decorations


Sock Monkey Birthday BannerMonkey Birthday Banner – This funky monkey birthday banner will complement the tablecloth above perfectly! (Amazon, Sock Monkey Banner, on sale for $28.00)


Brown Polka Dot Balloon

Specialty Balloons – These brown and white polka dotted balloons are perfect! (Amazon, Polka Dot Balloons, on sale for $6.99)


Sock monkey Clips

Sock Monkey Themed Photo Clips – For the perfect sentimental touch, set up a small clothesline and hang month by month photos of the guest of honor from tiny clothespins trimmed with sock monkeys (Etsy, First Year Photo Clips, on sale for $10.00)

Guests will love swinging by for a bit of monkeying around!  Please excuse the double pun!

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