All About Aperitifs

Tip of the Week:  All about Apéritifs!

Gimlet aperitif

Aperitifs refer to the type of light cocktail served before dinner to stimulate the appetite and enhance the meal – and are chic once again!  Dating back to the mid-1800s, these cocktails are now fabulously retro and completely simple to mix up by adding soda water and a lemon twist to basic bar staples.

Here are a few suggestions for stocking an aperitif bar at home:

  • Lillet – a French wine fortified with citrus liquors
  • Martini Bianco – an Italian vermouth
  • Campari  – a bitter alcohol infused with herbs and fruit
  • Dubonnet – also a French infused wine with a sweet flavor
  • Punt e Mes – a dark, Italian vermouth with a slight tone of chocolate

The Negroni , the Gimlet, and the Dubonnet Cocktail are some of the more commonly known aperitifs and perhaps good starting points if you’d like to channel the hip vibe of these pre-dinner cocktails!


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