Set Up a Children’s Buffet

Tip of the Week – Set Up a Children’s Buffet at Your Next Family Gathering!

Last weekend, my family hosted a big party for my father – adults and kids included!  And one of the smarter things that I did when setting up for the celebration was to designate one table that was just for the kids!

I used a six-foot folding table and covered it with a tablecloth that coordinated with the adult tablecloths, but had its own fun look.  Here are some of the items that made up my Children’s Buffet!

  • Hot Dog Roller – An old-fashioned hot dog roller with hot dogs!
  • Hot Dog Rolls – A basket of hot dog rolls
  • Condiment Tray BBQ condiment and tray set
  • Movie Theatre Candy Boxes – Another basket filled with movie theatre candy boxes picked up from the Dollar Store
  • Drinks – A bucket cooler with small water bottles and juice boxes on ice
  • Paper Goods – Paper plates and plastic utensils (so that the kids didn’t use the adult’s china and flatware!)
  • Snacks – Small plastic bowls filled with gold fish and pretzels
  • Activities – Lastly, a larger basket stocked with sidewalk chalk, coloring books & crayons, bubbles and other fun toys that were also from the Dollar Store

The children’s buffet was a terrific addition to the party and allowed the kids to help themselves to dinner and snacks, as well as to find toys for playtime!  This is definitely an idea that I will repeat at future gatherings!

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2 responses to “Set Up a Children’s Buffet”

  1. Judy says:

    So like you to think of everything. It really looks cute and I bet the kids loved it.

  2. Sandra says:

    I love this idea of a Children’s Buffet! Thanks for Sharing and my kids will thank you too.

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