Clever Ways to Save Kids’ Artwork

Look What I Found:  Clever Ways to Save Your Childrens’ Clothing and Artwork!

While our children are often unpredictable, the one thing that mothers can count on is ever growing stacks of prized “artwork” and outgrown clothing!  Knowing how hard it is to let these things go, there are some very creative and clever ways to turn these possible castoffs into precious keepsakes.

The Great Remember

children's artwork keepsakes

Based in Brooklyn, this company offers parents the opportunity to turn special outfits into a work of art that you can proudly hang in your home.  A variety of designs are available and can incorporate varying numbers of fabrics.  Children’s artwork can also be transformed into mosaics that include multiple pieces or a personalized locket.


Stuff Your Doodles

Children's artwork Lucy-Moose

This is the perfect way to turn your child’s favorite “doodles” into three-dimensional stuffed creations!  Using imagination, recycled fabric and thread, artist Lucy Moose transforms those cute little drawings into heirloom treasures.

Formia Design

kids artwork custom jewelry


Jewelry designer Mia van Beek crafts one-of-a-kind, custom pieces based upon children’s drawings.  The choices include rings, brooches, key chains, necklaces and pendants, in a variety of metals.  The end result is an adorable and sentimental gift that will be treasured by any parent or grandparent!

 I hope that these suggestions will leave you feeling “guilt free” when it comes to tossing those piles of artwork or handing down those outgrown favorites!

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