Replacing Lost Lovies

Tip of the Week – The Priceless “Lovey”

This week’s tip is all about “loveys,” those special stuffed animals or blankets that a child chooses as their ” most beloved!”  Each of my three children has had a lovey and luckily our family was able to hold on to these comfort items and avoid potential stress for us all!

But, if you end up in the unfortunate position of being unable to locate a lost lovey, no need to fear!  In a new twist on treasure hunting, the kind people at Dirty Butter offer frantic parents a variety of solutions to this problem!  This curiously named site allows parents to post a written “plea,” describing the missing toy, and request help in locating a replacement.  Dirty Butter also hosts an ebay store with dozens of loveys which are for sale and finally, the site will connect you with crafts people who can create a custom made replica!

As a parent, I think that lovies of all kinds play an important role in a child’s life, providing reassurance and security.  I relearned that lesson last week while vacationing with my family in Colorado.  My seven year old daughter found a stuffed, pink “Ugly Doll” in a gift shop and couldn’t leave the store without it!  During the next week,  this crazy looking doll was her constant companion as we lodged in three different hotels, took snowy car rides and finally, a long plane ride home.  Her attachment to “Strawberry” reminded me that even older children need a bit of coziness too.

If there is a special boy or girl in your life who might love a comfy new friend, you’ll find lots of fabulous choices at Pink Olive!   Also curiously named, offers stuffed buddies ranging from traditional teddy bears to quirky hand sewn felt bunnies to colorful knit mermaids!  I especially love the “latte flatout bear” made of sheepskin (also available in “milk” and “chocolate!”) and the “le lapin d’avril fuschia felt doll“!  This “can’t miss” selection of potential lovies is sure to please any child!

Here’s to lovies, past and future, and the wonderful children that call them their own!

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4 responses to “Replacing Lost Lovies”

  1. David Gordon says:

    My 17 year old daughter lost her life long constant companion and truly treasured little stuffed Huskie dog. She has had him since she was a baby and they have always been inseparable. She always slept with him at night and would not go to bed until she found him whenever he turned up missing (usual a pillow or blanket over him) I can’t ever remember a time she did not have him with her on a trip, and that means every camping trip, vacation, visiting relatives and on and on. As I said he was a little Huskie dog, about 8″ or 9″long, maybe 7 or 8″ tall gray on most of his upper half and white underneath. His face was gray and white, his tail and legs were king of short, kind of short, his eyes and nose are missing and he generally looks pretty worn and well loved. His name is Nanook. She always travels with her own pillow and Nanook always travels inside of her pillow case so he is always close and safe. We were at a Vagabond Inn in Rancho Cordova, CA and she thinks he some how managed to slip out somewhere between the hotel room and our car in the parking lot. She didn’t discover him missing until later that Sunday afternoon and of course by the time I could get back to check that same afternoon, he was nowhere to be found and several calls to the motel and requests to ask all the house keepers that worked that day, if they had found him (whether or not he might have been turned in to lost and found, or tossed out) have been fruitless. I have remained hopeful that he could still miraculously turn up, but that does not seem to be in the cards. My eyes still glass up every time I think of how much she misses him and wants him back. She is very sad and misses him terribly. I have never forgotten how I felt when my own little stuffed dog came up missing when I was little and it is agonizing for me, knowing how much losing this little stuffed dog, so tattered and worn out looking to most, hurts her inside. Some folks don’t get it, but I do….sorry for being so long winded, but finding him, or perhaps one just like him could mean so much to her. There have to be more just like him somewhere, and if anyone can help point me towards the right place(s) to look and perhaps get another I can’t begin to tell you how much that would mean to her and to me.

    Hope to hear back soon.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to at least try this search…so thank you very much for that.

    Best regards, David Gordon

  2. LE says:

    Have you found a replacement for your daughters lost lovey? Do you have a photo of it?

  3. seashelled says:

    I have a fabulous large stuffed Husky if it is any help.

  4. seashelled says:

    Also, I am looking for a replacement (no substitutes) for a large excelsior stuffed real lambs wool stuffed lamb with glass eyes. It was made in Germany and purchased in mid 1950’s in a gift shop in the GRAND HOTEL ON MACINAW ISLAND MI.

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