Refresh Your Kitchen

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Kitchen!

Whether your kitchen is brand new, in desperate need of a remodel or aging not so gracefully, there are lots of great ideas that can rekindle the romance!  Ranging from almost free to a modest investment, here are some tips, including many from personal experience, on how to freshen up your kitchen!

Clean it Up

Don’t hate me, but the easiest and least expensive way to feel good about your kitchen is to give it a good cleaning!

  • Empty the Cabinets – empty the cabinets, wiping down the shelves and doors.
  • Clean Up Rarely Used Dishes and Food – Run dishware that’s rarely used through the dishwasher and donate non-perishables that your family will never eat to a food bank.

To make the clean up more fun (if that’s actually possible!) take a look at:

  • Colorful Cleaning Equipment:  at Alice Supply Co., named after the iconic Brady family housekeeper, you’ll find brooms with striped handles, brightly patterned dustpans and brooms, and if that’s not enough cleaning fun, pick up some chic trash bags!
  • Glamorous Gloves – don a pair of these fabulous rubber gloves from Spoon Sisters while scrubbing!  There’s a pattern to suit every style! (pictured)
  • Chic Shelf Liners – so you’ve emptied out the cabinets and wiped down every surface in sight, reward your efforts with shelf liners that are nothing like the sticky shelf paper of years past!  At Chic Shelf Paper there are over 250 styles that will coordinate with any kitchen!
  • Top Shelf Cleaning Supplies – even though these chores aren’t fun, at least your cleaning products can smell good!  Caldrea has a full line of kitchen cleaning products that are eco-friendly, hard working and are sold in scents like Lavender Pine and Basil Blue Sage!

Small Touches that Make a Big Difference

There are some truly simple things that you can replace or upgrade in your kitchen that will bring a big return on a small investment!

  1. Dishtowels – toss out those worn and mismatched dishtowels, opting for a fun update from terrific resources like Hammocks and High Tea or Anthropologie
  2. Pot Scrubbers – my favorite pot scrubber is crafted from all natural, biodegradable loofah in chef worthy shapes like carrots, apples and pears!  These pot scrubbers never smell sour and I routinely toss mine into the dishwasher!
  3. Add a Dimmer Switch – treat your kitchen like the living space that it truly is by adding dimmer switches to your lights.  Dim the lights for dinner and light a candle!
  4. Light a Candle – speaking of lighting a candle, my favorite scents come from Aunt Sadie’s! The scents are amazing and there is a variety for every mood and season.  I always have one in my kitchen! See Aunt Sadie’s Aunt Sadie’s.  I have “Beach Girls” burning in my home now!
  5. Grow Some Herbs – whether you plant herbs in your yard, on your balcony or in a windowsill pot, having fresh herbs handy will inspire your cooking and help you to channel your inner “Martha!”  If you’re new to growing herbs, try basil – it needs no special care and smells fabulous! (Fresh Herb Garden from Wrapables, $19.95)
  6. Buy A New Cookbook – new cookbooks are published every day and depending upon your culinary interests, there’s a cookbook waiting for you!  New recipes can inspire you to get back in the kitchen, explore unique ingredients and pick up some new gadgets!

Treat Your Countertops Like a Design Space

Once the heavy cleaning is done, completely clear off the countertops.  Wipe down the surfaces (perhaps with Lavender Pine counter spray?) and add back only what is used on a daily basis!  For example, if you use your blender just occasionally, store it somewhere else!

Next, choose one simple attractive element to be displayed on the countertop!  There are so many nice possibilities – a framed family photo, small decorative lamp or fabulous tray!

  • Ashley Joy Designs Tray – one of these Lucite trays from Ashley Joy Designs, would be the perfect accent for any countertop.  These trays are great looking, really useful and with their interchangeable inserts, offer an easy nod to the holidays and seasons! (pictured above)

Moving Up on the Investment Scale

Moving Up on the Investment Scale:  with a bit more of an investment, here are some more suggestions for kitchen renewal!

  • Knobs -replace plain knobs and drawer pulls on your kitchen cabinets with more interesting and distinctive versions!  Endless creative choices are available and I especially love the variety of knobs and drawer pulls offered by Anthropologie! (pictured at top)
  • Fridge Fronts – is your refrigerator an eyesore and a new one isn’t in the budget?  Fridge Fronts offers the perfect solution with magnetic panels that will cover your old refrigerator front with a fresh new look.  Colorful patterns, as well as a stainless steel look alike, are available in a variety of sizes!
  • A New Appliance – sometimes a new kitchen appliance can rekindle your “relationship” with your kitchen, inspiring new menus and cooking techniques!  Consider adding a Slow Cooker, Immersion Blender or Panini Press.

I know that this is quite a list of suggestions, but even if you only choose one or two, you’ll definitely see a big improvement in your kitchen environment or the quality of the meals that you serve!  Enjoy the fruits of your labors, whether you cook, clean or decorate!

For more fun, watch the 10! Show clip showcasing these tips and products!

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  1. Judy says:

    Great ideas Susan. Especially the sorting and getting rid of what is not used.

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