Preparing for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving countdownTip of the Week – Get Ahead for Thanksgiving!

Although it’s too soon to actually start cooking that special meal, I love ideas that will give me a head start on the big dinner – and while I’ve detailed a few of those suggestions in a Thanksgiving Countdown Planner, here are a few more very easy things that you can do to get ahead:

Get Practical Now

  • Self clean your oven.
  • Stock up on disposable plastic containers, saran wrap, tin foil and food storage bags for easy clean up.
  • Clean out your refrigerator, getting rid of everything you can!  Think – old condiments, salad dressings, and such.  Make as much room as possible for your Thanksgiving meal.
  • Are you tired of gathering chairs from around the house?  Call now to rent chairs – they’ll all match on turkey day and be gone with the leftovers!
  • Trying a new recipe?  Practice now!
  • Shop for non-perishables – it will make the final shopping trip much easier!

And Again, a Day or Two Ahead

  • Clear your countertops of all unnecessary appliances and decorations.
  • Write out and post a copy of your entire menu in the kitchen (listing even the little things like butter!)
  • Use post-its to label a dish, bowl or platter for every dish to be served.

Here’s to a stress free and delicious Thanksgiving Dinner!

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One response to “Preparing for Thanksgiving”

  1. Dawn/FFL says:

    I don’t have a self-clean oven but found that the once a year cleaning after turkey day is the best. I soak a large rag in ammonia and let it sit on the bottom of the oven and next morning I clean the gunk all up, no problems and very little elbow grease

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