Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

Welcome to April.  This month we are tackling the ever important task of: personalized jewelry.  And truth be told, we are tackling personalized jewelry because, it is personally, my favorite.

Personalized Jewelry Packs a Punch

Personalized jewelry packs a punch.  It hits the sentimental cord in us all, gives the giver a slam dunk, sure fire winner of a gift, and is something we will cherish and hold onto for-evah.  Lucky for us and lucky for those awesome gift givers (honey, hope you are reading this) there are oodles of personalized options nowadays.

Something for Everyone

Whether it’s a date to be set in stone or diamonds (honey, hope you are reading this), a loved one’s picture or loved one’s mutt’s picture, initials, names, astrological signs, or birthstones, there is something for everyone.  Or lots and lots of jewelry for everyone.  Because when it comes to personalized pieces we say, and this may be a first if you are the good loyal reader you should be, we say: the MORE the merrier.  We love personalized pieces layered with one another.  It makes for a great story and an even greater look.

Where to Find Fabulous Personalized Jewelry

Where do you (or honey, if you are reading this) get such amazing sounding, fabulous, must-have fabulosity?  Don’t worry our fine Busy Bee friends, we have blazed a trail to the field of personalized bliss.

For your viewing pleasure we have compiled a go-to list of personalized jewelry extraordinaire:

  1. to die for.  Diamond incrusted, rose gold, yellow or white oh my.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  Sorella has truly original pieces; like rings with his & her names, or those of your children, or you can even put yours & your sisters’ names, grandparents…the fun never ends.  Sorella has updated the ‘date trend’ by using bold roman numerals and, oh another truly great thing, they have loads of jewelry for men too.  Loads.
  2. Three Sisters Jewelry oh how we love thee.  Designer Zoe hand stamps each piece and incorporates estate and one of a kind baubles on limited edition styles.  She has breathed new life into the initial du jour and has quite the ground swell of celebs ordering from her. (pictured above)
  3. Moon and slam dunk.  Moon & Lola creates a bevy of beauties all at affordable prices.  Earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces can all be customized and delivered cheerfully to your door.  Not to mention, designer Kelly has that wonderfully inviting, makes you want a mint julep, southern accent and charm.  And don’t just take it from us, she’s all over the fashion pages from Oprah to In Style.

So honey, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, WOOPSY, meant to say…So with Mother’s Day right around the corner, may I suggest you stimulate the economy and someone’s heartstrings with something personalized.  Your honey will thank you.

Thanks to Shannon for her fabulous fashion posts!  Shannon Cavanagh-Estrada is co-owner of Pitch! Press.  Her expertise lies in styling, trend-forecasting, design consulting and working in the public relations arena.  For more information on Shannon, visit

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  1. zoe says:

    busy bee – thanks so much for recognizing “Three Sisters” jewelry! have a fab mother’s day! zoe

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