Pass the Present Party Game for Kids

Pass the Present 

For this game it is necessary to collect a small gift for each guest.  Try to select gifts that fit into the theme of your party.  Fun gifts can be found at places like your local dollar store or the dollar bins at stores like Target or Michaels.

  • Wrap the first gift in wrapping paper.
  • Place the next gift on top of the package and wrap again.
  • Repeat until all gifts are wrapped.
  • Have the children sit in a circle on the floor.
  • Turn on some fun music.
  • As the music plays, pass the package around the circle.
  • Periodically stop the music and let the person holding the package open up a gift and keep it.
  • Continue until every child has a prize.

This game is a GREAT way to slow kids down and keep them sitting in one place!

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    I’m hosting a party and need some REALLY good ideas for games anyone?

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