A (Virtual) Visit to the Pantone Hotel

Tip of the Week:  A (Virtual) Visit to the Pantone Hotel!


pantone hotel

I love writing each year about the color trends predicted by the Pantone Institute.  Not only are the colors always beautiful, but also the selection process reflects society’s current issues and trends.  Now the iconic Pantone color swatches have been interpreted into a boutique hotel in Brussels!

Every aspect of this hotel, inside and out, features a bright white background accented with bold squares of color, much like the swatches themselves.  Each of the seven floors has its own color scheme so guests can choose their room based upon their mood!  Guests feeling warm and cheerful will like the yellow fourth floor, while those seeking tranquility may select the seventh, the turquoise floor!  Room numbers mimic the Pantone swatch numbers and every detail, down to the coffee mugs, echoes these colored squares.

From bicycles to borrow to the glass walls of balconies to artwork on the walls, color rules the day and makes this hotel one of the most exceptional in the world!

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Note: Photo Courtesy of Sven Laurent

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