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Tip of the Week:  Celebrate the Oscars with a Movie Themed Menu!

oscar party menu

I love watching the Academy Awards and I’m trying to see as many nominated films as possible in these weeks prior to the show.  This year, I’ve done quite well – squeezing in some afternoon matinees and finding a few of the films On Demand!  Adding to the fun and anticipation are two sites that have compiled recipes with nods to the nominees.  Consider these creative movie-themed menu ideas perfect for  an award-worthy viewing party!


  •  The Artist:  Artist’s Special
  • The Descendants:  Blue Hawaii
  • The Help:  Help Wanted
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close:  The Loud Mouth
  • Hugo:  Rail Splitter Mocktail
  • Midnight in Paris:  The Parisian
  • Moneyball:  Baseball Pleasure
  • The Tree of Life:  A Blossomed Tree
  • Warhorse:  Dark Horse

See all cocktail recipes here.


When it comes to dining, Epicurious has created nine delicious and thematically appropriate dinner menus – one for each of the films nominated for Best Picture!

You could select a menu based upon your favorite nominated movie or select a different course from each!  The Help inspired menu includes an array of Southern classics, The Descendants menu features Hawaiian favorites, while The Artist meal is replete with signature Old Hollywood dishes.

Free Printables

oscar party free printables from cupcake wishes

For an ideal finishing touch for your Oscar gathering, add some of these free printables from Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams!  Printables are one of the easiest, least expensive ways to take your party up a notch and this set is ideal for Sunday’s Academy Awards!

Hurrah for Hollywood!



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