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Tip of the Week:  Try an Online Interior Decorator!

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Turquoise e-Decorating Service

Have you ever agonized over paint chips or rearranged your furniture only to put it back exactly where you had it? Hiring an interior decorator is definitely the solution, but selecting the right one and the costs involved can be intimidating.  A perfect new answer is as close as your laptop:  e-decorating!

E-decorating refers to professional design service that is accomplished via email and snail mail.  Homeowners must complete a survey that covers important issues like the size and style of the home, budget, goals and challenges.  The next step is to measure the room, take photos and identify some images that match your taste.

A box will arrive in the mail with a customized plan for your home containing everything you’ll need for the remodel:  a concept board, sketches, paint chips, fabric samples, to-scale floor plan, photos of furniture, accessories and hardware, all with shopping information.  This approach allows the homeowner to accomplish the makeover all at once or in stages, as she or he is able.

You can find this convenient and economical service at companies like Instant/Space, the creation of decorator Betsy Burnham , Turquoise or Kelly and Olive!

I hope that the idea of e-decorating appeals to you as much as it does to me!  Tres chic!

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