How to Make A Living Birdhouse, DIY

DIY:  Assembling a Green-Roof Living Bird House!

This project came to me by way of my garden club and the results were so attractive that I wanted to share it!  The idea behind creating a birdhouse that features actual plantings on the roof isn’t just for adding a decorative element to your yard, but also to attract and provide a habitat for certain birds who require a cooler interior environment for their eggs.  Most notably, bluebirds seem to love the design of this “nest!”

Step One:  Gather Supplies.

diy living birdhouse

By starting with a pre-built, custom designed birdhouse purchased from Terrain in Glen Mills, PA (no hammer and nails needed!), a half flat of mixed sedums from Emory Knoll Farms, the country’s largest resource for green roof perennials, and some extra potting soil, you’re ready to go!  (Terrain: BirdhouseSedums)


Step Two:  Immerse the bird house in water, soaking the wood completely.

diy living birdhouse 2


Step Three:  Moisten a small amount of potting soil and spread into the “roof.”

diy living birdhouse


Step Four:  Arrange sedums as you like!  Sedums are a type of succulent that are hardy, drought tolerant and grow well in shallow soil.

diy living birdhouse

diy living birdhouse 4


Step Five:  Find the perfect spot for your miniature, eco-friendly creation!  It’s recommended to position the opening of the birdhouse away from the exposed weather and near a small bush or shrub so that baby birds have somewhere close by to land! In the winter, store your birdhouse in the garage. The sedums will be dormant and only require occasional watering.

diy living birdhouse finished

That’s it!  Your eco-chic dwelling is complete and is not only green, but gorgeous too!

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