Loving Lavender – A Perfect Gift

Tip of the Week:  Loving Lavender!

A while ago, I attended a bridal shower and received  a vintage handkerchief sachet filled with dried lavender as a favor.  I tucked it under my pillow and have enjoyed the restful, sleep inducing scent ever since!  Here are some exceptional products if you’d like to add a touch of lavender to your routine!

Monogrammed Sachets

lavender gifts

From Jayson Home and Garden (a site I love!), these sachets feature your choice of bold monogram!  (Jayson Home and GardenMonogrammed Sachets, on sale for $10 each)

Upcycled Lavender Dryer Sachets

Lavender products

These upcycled lavender dryer sachets will naturally soften and scent clothing. (GreenDepotUpcycled Lavender Dryer Sachets, $9.95 for a set of 3)

Adorable Dog Shaped Sachets

Lavender Gifts2

Two sided sachets read sit/stay or good dog/bad dog! (Visual Treats Design Studio, Lavender Dog Sachets, $19.00 each)

Keychain Sachets

Lavender Keychain Sachet

From Magpie Lovely, these attractive sachets will allow you to carry the scent of lavender wherever you go! (Magpie Lovely, Sachet + Keychain, $14.00 each) 

Eye Pillow

Lavender Gifts3Crafted of rich, cooling silk and filled with lavender and flax, this pillow is designed to bring about a peaceful sleep! (Jane Inc., Lavender Filled Silk Eye Pillow, $20.00 each)

Just writing this makes me wish for bedtime and the lovely, subtle scent of lavender!

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