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On Sunday, April 29th, the Busy Bee participated in a wonderful fundraiser, “A Taste of Toll Gate” Kitchen Tour!  Approximately 450 guests toured ten Pennington, New Jersey, kitchens.  The kitchens were accessorized by local interior decorators, delicious finger foods were supplied by area caterers and neighborhood florists created beautiful floral arrangements!

Busy Bee Lifestyle was responsible for decorating two dining tables in one of the homes.  The dining room enjoyed a French Country theme and the patio was dressed for a summer lobster bake!  Just for fun, I’d like to share a few of the easy ideas used in the table settings!

On the Dining Room Table


Flower Pot Place Cards

  • I painted tiny clay flower pots with black chalk board paint, filled them with pansies and then used white chalk to inscribe each pot with the name of a guest.

Ribbon Tied Tablecloth Corners – this is my favorite two minute tablecloth trick!  

  • My dining room table has just one leaf, but when that leaf is in place, it makes the table quite a bit larger, actually requiring a larger sized tablecloth.  I found myself buying tablecloths in two different sizes, which really wasn’t practical, especially since I love to buy table linens!
  • I solved this problem by only purchasing linens in the larger size.  When the leaf is in place, the linens are perfectly sized.  And when I am not using the leaf, I still use the same linens, but I tie each corner with a ribbon that coordinates with the cloth.  The ribbon pulls up the length and creates what is actually a very decorative element!  Give this a try and you’ll see how the cloth folds up quite like a roman shade on your window!

On the Patio Table


Seaside Bottle Place Cards

  • At Michaels Craft Store, I picked up small triangular glass bottles with corks.  I filled each bottle with a little bit of sand and a few sea shells.  On small slips of paper, I jotted the name of each guest and inserted the papers into the bottles.  Each bottle place card was laid on its side next to a place setting.

Rope Napkin Holders

  • In keeping with the seaside theme, I cut lengths of clothesline type rope into about 12” pieces.  Once each end was tied off in a knot, I rolled the napkins and secured each one with a piece of rope.

Fishing Net Runner 

  • I first laid a patterned fabric runner down the length of the table and then layered a fish net over the runner. This wasn’t a real fishing net, but a decorative duplicate that I picked up at Michaels Craft Store.  This little addition gave the table more texture and visual interest.

Decorated Wine Bottles 

  • One last idea – I used raffia to tie sand dollars around the necks of individually sized wine bottles and placed a bottle at each place setting.

I hope that some of these quick and easy ideas inspire you for some Spring and Summer entertaining!  Perhaps you’ll even be motivated to organize this incredibly successful fund raiser at your local school! 


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