How to Be a Fabulous Gift Giver

Tip of the Week:  How to be a Fabulous Gift Giver!

The desire to be a fabulous gift giver has been on my mind ever since last Thanksgiving when I started to compile my holiday shopping list.  I wanted to shop and buy gifts, but what to buy?  The presents that I wanted to give had to be special, useful and if possible, surprising.  Not an easy feat!  Here are some simple tips that might help you to be the fabulous gift giver you want to be!

  • Keep your ears open:  throughout the year, listen to what your friends and family have to say!  Whether it’s a new fascination with Italian cooking or a little one’s love of horses, take notes and shop accordingly.  For smart phone users, employ the free app EverNote to record your ideas.
  • Shop when you travel: gifts purchased at unusual locales will always be special – you’ll be more at ease while shopping and the gift will be more exceptional.
  • Remember the Three R’s:  Jessica Jenkins, the author of Encyclopedia of the Exquisite, reminds shoppers of the three R’s – embossing, engraving and embroidering!  This cleverly reminds us that any gift can be transformed into a luxury item with an embroidered monogram or engraved sentiment.
  • Ask yourself three questions:  Michelle Madhok, founder of, suggests that you ask yourself three questions about the recipient:  What does she want?  What does she need?  What can’t she afford?  The answer to one of these questions is the sure path to a wonderful present!
  • Two general thoughts:  think consumable (candy, candles, stationery) or think experience (movie/theatre/museum tickets).
  • Wrap it up:  careful gift-wrapping and a hand written note will enhance even the simplest gift!

It’s truly a skill to be a great gift giver and hopefully, these suggestions will inspire the best gifts yet!

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