How I Spent My Summer Vacation!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – An Essay!

While this article may sound like an overused first day of school assignment, don’t be misled! I can’t wait to share my vacation story having recently enjoyed two gorgeous weeks at the New Jersey shore!  On vacation I had a lot of fun with my immediate and extended family and kept up with my Busy Bee “work!” The “work” involved hanging posters, handing out business cards and taking note of the fun and unique products and stores that crossed my path!

Great Stores!

At Busy Bee, we created colorful and informative posters with tear off tabs labeled with our website address, in an attempt to entice new readers all over!  Hanging these posters, however, has been a tricky endeavor!  I’ve hung a few only to find them removed the next day and hung others to find that every tab had been pulled off!  Some shops were thrilled to help us out and others just weren’t interested!  Of the many places I visited, Busy Bee received its kindest welcome at:

  • Fourth Street Café in Ocean City – home of the most delicious scones I’ve ever eaten
  • The Bee in Bay Head – the most chic clothing shop around
  • The Preppy Palm an adorable gift and clothing store with locations in Avalon and Clermont.
  • Pink Beach – an adorable new shop who’s tag line reads “Girls Just Want to have Sun!”  This fun filled and preppy shop has locations in Annapolis and Severna Park, Maryland.
  • Springer’s – Stone Harbor’s location for the best homemade ice cream!

If your travels take you to any of these towns, please visit these great stores and let them know that Busy Bee sent you!

Fun Stuff!

As for the unique, specialty items that I found, here goes!

Carrot and Stick Press

Here you’ll find a wide array of adorable stationary, place cards and notebooks that are both cute and classy!  I especially loved the coral design and the candy cane pattern!  (

Cupcakes and Cartwheels

This new division of Two’s Company sells colorful and whimsical gifts of all sorts!  Look for these new products on-line and in gift shops!  You are guaranteed to love what you see! (for on-line sites go to google and search for Cupcakes and Cartwheels.  Cupcakes and Cartwheels is coming soon on-line at

Queen Bea Studios

These pocketbooks are fabulous!!  The pocketbook that first caught my eye was a straw bag with a monogrammed ribbon trim, unlike any I had seen before!  The straw bags are available in a variety of sizes and with a “Key West” inspired trim, if you aren’t interested in a monogram.  Clever cloth bags are also sold by Queen Bea. (

As If Bags

As If Bags creates custom fabric pocketbooks in a number of sizes.  What sets this site apart from many others who offer the same type of product are the clever and vintage inspired fabrics that are updated seasonally!  The price is also terrific, ranging from $40 to $80. (

Paisley Pear

More Pocketbooks!  Paisley Pear offers bags with a more constructed shape, sporting unusual trims and handles.   Also fabulous from this vendor is a reversible wrap skirt in two different lengths and many different patterns!

My absolutely sentimental favorite from this site, however, is the “Heirloom Collection.”  This collection got its start in 2006, five years after the World Trade Center tragedy, when the daughter of a 9/11 victim turned her dad’s snappy tie collection into pocketbooks for five female members of her family with the help of Paisley Pear!  This creative and commemorative idea is now available to all of us!  Utilizing ties, shirts, hankies, brooches, buttons, patches, medals or whatever is special to you, an heirloom bag can be created to showcase someone or something of significance to you.  The idea of seeing and using cherished mementos on a daily basis is without compare! (

Sun Feather Natural Soap Company

With its simple beginnings in a kitchen in 1979, this company now offers lovely, all natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, lip balms and much more.  Of note is the full line of all natural bug repellants in the form of soaps, wipes, sprays and solids. (

Daphne’s Details Jeans

These jeans are so cute I purchased them for myself and my teenage daughter!  Daphne’s details offers a collection of five styles of jeans with each pair sporting a series of buttons around the hem.  The buttons attach your choice of designer cuffs to the bottom of the pants!  And while the denim is basically plain, the cuffs are fabulous!  In toile, madras, boucle, and more, the cuffs are ribbon, pompom, rickrack, and fringe trimmed and every pair of cuffs is cuter than the next! (

Help Share the Bee!

Now that I’ve shared my Busy Bee ups and downs, along with my “finds” of the summer, please give me a hand with my Busy Bee “work” and forward the site to anyone who’s on your mind today and who might enjoy the Bee!  Consider checking out some of the exceptional retailers noted above and don’t forget to let them know where you learned about their special products!

How was your summer vacation? I’d love to hear!


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