Host an Oscars Party

How to Host a Fabulous Oscars Party!

The glamour and excitement of the Oscars is contagious, so consider inviting some friends to join you for an evening of star-gazing! The 83rd Academy Awards presentation will be held on Sunday, February 26, at 7 p.m., ET and calls for an Oscars party that is all sparkle and shine!

Getting in the Oscar Mood

  • Oscar nominations will be made on Tuesday, January 25th at 5:30 a.m. PT, so check out the official award website, for the full listing along with history and trivia.
  • Go to the movies! Try to make sure that you’ve seen at least a few of the most commonly nominated films.

Decide on the Timeframe for Your Oscars Party

For a Preview Oscars Party

  • Begin your party at 5 or 6 p.m. and end at 8 p.m., sending your guests home in time for the actual award ceremony. If you are an avid Oscar fan, this is probably the best plan for you. You’ll have had fun with your guests, but will be able to enjoy the show in peace and quiet!

For an Oscars Viewing Party

  • Begin your party at 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. and end the party when the award show is over, which can be late!
  • With this type of get-together, don’t forget that the TV may well be the focus of the party! Keep the area around the TV clear and if you are inviting a crowd, consider setting up multiple TVs! Arrange chairs and floor pillows around the TV. A menu of easy finger food will keep the party flowing.


However you choose to invite your guests to your Oscars party, encourage them to glam it up! Gowns, glitter and boas for the women, and black tie suggested for the men! When else will you be able to dress up like this on a Sunday night!

  • “Reel” Movie Film Tins – from (pictured at top) you’ll find tins in 6 sizes with prices beginning at $3.99 each. Write your invitation on a circular piece of paper cut to lay flat inside the tin. Gold and silver metallic confetti would be a fun touch!
  • Clapboard Invitations – order an adorable die cut two piece invitation from Paperlicious depicting a movie “clapboard” attached with a black and white checked ribbon. (Clapboard Invitation, pictured)

Oscar Cocktails

Cocktails are definitely in order on Oscar Night! InStyle magazine has done a great job in creating signature drinks for Oscar Night. Consider Oscar 79 Cocktails, The Winner and Liquid Legend. Champagne is also always appropriate!

When serving cocktails, wine or champagne, it’s important to use the appropriate stemware. Don’t worry, this will not blow your party budget!

  • Linens ‘N Things offers a line of glassware called “Everyday Basics.” 12 wine goblets or 12 champagne flutes retail for $9.99! And of course, we all have those ever present 20% off coupons! Martini glasses are $14.99 for a dozen!
  • Remember, once these glasses are bought, you will always be able to share them with friends who are entertaining in the future!
  • Better yet, get together with two other friends and each buy one type of glass. Agree to always share!

Party Menu

For your Oscars party, focus on easily served and eaten hors d’oeuvres. Here are some great recipes to try:

For a more substantial offering, serve a spiral cut ham with tiny rolls and gourmet mustards, or a beef tenderloin, sliced and served at room temperature with baguette slices and horseradish sauce. A quick horseradish sauce can be made by blending a cup of light mayonnaise with fresh horseradish sauce to taste.

Even Trickier –  Get even trickier with these movie-themed menu ideas from Epicurious.

Oscars Fun and Games

  • Voting Ballots – Provide each guest with a ballot for voting for their choices for Oscar winners! Download an Oscar Party Pool Sheet from
  • Party Pool – If you’re the betting type, collect small amounts of money with each completed form. The pool goes to the guest with the greatest number of accurate predictions! Other fun prizes are movie gift certificates, BlockBuster gift cards, or bottles of champagne.
  • Take Snapshots of Your Guests – Pretend to be the Paparazzi and snap photos of each couple as they arrive! During the party, have a teenage helper print out the photos.

Oscars Hostess Gifts

Some nice ideas for your Oscar Party hostess include:

Oscars Party Favors

  • CDs – Burn CDs featuring your favorite award winning songs! At Acoustic Music, you’ll find a complete listing of songs that will definitely bring back some great memories: “Let the River Run” from Working Girl, “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun, and “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to name just a few!
  • Framed Photos of Your Guests – If you do take photos as the couples arrive, frames will make a fun favor! An acrylic movie “clapboard” photo frame is perfect. (, $6.99)
  • Candy Filled Movie Tins – “Reel” Movie Film Tins, suggested above for invitations, can also be filled with gold and silver wrapped candies! (“Reel” Movie Tin Favors from Take 1)
  • Splits of Champagne – For a quick and easy favor, wrap splits of champagne in cellophane bags. Tie with metallic star trim.


Some easy Oscars party dessert ideas include:

  • Champagne flutes filled with chocolate mousse
  • Star shaped cookies, decorated with icing and little silver candy beads
  • Bowls of chocolate truffles

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