Host a Kebab Party

Host a Kebab Party – Easy Grilling Tips!

Warm summer evenings are perfect for entertaining, and putting together a “do-it-yourself” kebab party is easy and fun!

Here’s what you need to assemble:

Main Selection

  • Choose two or three quick cooking cuts such as beef or pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, salmon fillet or shrimp.
  • Marinade as you’d like, whether homemade or store bought!
  • Except for the shrimp, cut the main “course” into pieces of equal thickness and set out in individual bowls.

Terrific Store Bought Marinades


  • Grill friendly vegetables include – zucchini, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, green beans, eggplant, asparagus, red onion cut into wedges, yellow squash and whole mushrooms.
  • Arrange your vegetable selections in individual bowls or plates as well!

Brush on Flavorings

If you’d like to skip marinade, prepare a simple, flavored oil to brush on the kebabs before grilling.  Three terrific recipes from Food and Wine include:

Grilling Tips:

Double SkeweringFood and Wine Magazine offers a clever idea for grilling and suggests “double skewering” the ingredients with two bamboo skewers so that the kebabs will lie flat without spinning on the grill.

Circular Shaped Kebab Skewer – Another great grilling innovation is a Circular Kebab Skewer* whose curve travels easily from grill to plate! (pictured at top)

Bring a new flair to your next barbeque with this festive and simple party plan that will put your guests to “work” in the best possible way!

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